Saturday, October 17, 2015

It's been a long time since I've posted here  on Hello Michigan, because my life has taken some turn's leading back to the past which takes me to the future.

The path has taken me to new depths of discovering my true passion which has always been Art.

So, here is a painting that I have finished and would like to sell if there is someone out there who can see this canvas on their wall and enjoy every minute of it.

If your that person, contact me through comments and I will get back with you.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Who Is Leo/Lee Wanta?

I  haven't been here for some time now. With Twitter, FaceBook and all the other social media I guess I just thought there really wasn't any need for a blog anymore. I was wrong. Blogs preform a function that other media can't preform.

On a blog, you are able to express your opinion, report news and post multiple articles that help connect the dots for anyone who is concerned about the future of our country and our children and grandchildren.

This morning I received a link to an article that caught my attention.

"Senator and Governor caught on Tape Plotting Murder"

I read the article and my husband and I listened to the the interview and tape. Then when my husband started asking me questions about who Lee Wanta is ? and when did this happen ? I had to do some research. I think this article which I just finished reading out loud to my husband answers all those questions.


By Marilyn M. Barnewall

April 11, 2010

When I talked with Lee Wanta two days ago, the news was devastating. He is to be “taken down.” The Department of Justice, according to the lawyers with whom he spoke, had just said so.

Many people know him as Leo Wanta, or Ambassador Leo (or Lee) Emil Wanta. In the following three articles, I refer to him as Leo when the reference is used to identify an intelligence operative working for the United States Government, and as Lee when referring to him after his unlawful arrest. I use his appropriate title of Ambassador when that reference is proper.

Lee Emil Wanta (birth certificate) or Leo Emil Wanta (baptism certificate) has served his country at the White House, the National Security Council, the Central Intelligence Agency and six other government agencies during his career. Among others, his code names were Falconbird and Stillpoint. Leo E. Wanta, S-31-IANO/Sector V Internal Affairs New Orleans, is also known as Frank B. Ingram (SA32NV) and Rick Reynolds (SA233MS) – used when directly communicating to field operations. According to records at the Ronald Reagan Library, he was honored with a Presidential Award for saving the President’s life in an assassination attempt. (Read Article Here)

Can you even imagine $27.5 Trillion Dollars? And Leo Wants said that $23 Trillion of that money belongs to the American People. That's you and I. So why is the Federal Reserve Private Bank and the United States Treasury blocking Wanta from access to his money?

That leads to the the article and Tape Recording of "Senator and Governor caught on Tape Plotting Murder"! that my husband and I listened to this morning.

Senator and Governor Caught on Tape Plotting Murder! Will Americans Demand Justice?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 18:16

The following story by Preston James must be shared by every patriot around the world! Nixon was impeached for so much less but yet here we have Senator Songstad and Governor Sundquist caught on tape plotting murder and discussing billions in bribe money and you haven’t heard one peep about this from the mainstream media or 99% of the alternative media! Where is the “tip of the spear” man in alternative media? Why is he silent? Is it because he would lose 90% of his audience if they ever discovered the huge stories that Veterans Today was breaking and he was hiding from them? Do all those in alternative media censoring this story actually work for Senator Songstad who is a self described puppet master? Is that why the “tip of the spear” man lied to his audience and said that Lee Wanta was as “real as the Easter bunny”! Does this lie also show who he works for since Lee Wanta could pay off our national debt and End the Fed if the American people wake up and demand justice for Lee Wanta. (Read Article Here)

So the first article was published April 2010, and the second article was published just two months ago in October 2014. That prompted me to do a search on Veterans Today web site to see if there was anything more recent about Lee Wanta and his money.

I found two more articles, one published January 2, 2015 and one published just yesterday, on January 11, 1015.

What's interesting about the January 2nd article is it lays out The Wanta Plan on how Lee Wants plans to spend all that money. I confess, that I haven't had time to read these last two articles yet. I felt that this information needed to be recorded in one place so people could read it all in order without having to search for each one like I had to. Which is why I am sitting here at my computer on Monday, January 12, 2015 at 12:40 pm writing this column, instead of doing what I normally do these days. Quilting. I'll tell you all about that on another post, this is far more important.

Wanta Plan must be Deployed Now !

Posted by Preston James, Ph.D on January 2, 2015


To this very day Ambassador Wanta maintains the strong personal commitment that he personally made to President Reagan and the People of the United States of America. This commitment was to use the vast fortune he earned doing advanced currency speculation to Revitalize and Re-industrialize America, pay of its legitimate National Debt and restore its financial strength by making it financially sound. (Read Article Here)

And finally the last article published just yesterday.

Thwarted Attempt to Hijack “Wanta”

Posted by Preston James, Ph.D on January 11, 2015


Stay tuned because there are likely to be numerous important developments in days and weeks to come. Now that Wanta must be acknowledged to exist as the 27 Trillion Dollar man because of the smoking gun PuppetGate phone call, usurpers, spooks, goons, shills, and sock-puppet types are crawling out of the woodwork trying to grab some of his fortune.

Anyone that knows Lee Wanta personally and understands his character and what makes him tick knows that he will only use his vast fortune to attain the goals and objectives of his Wanta Plan and nothing else.

Once Lee Wanta gains actual access to his vast fortune, which he earned through his own incredible financial genius, he will start making his disbursements and begin to implement his plan to revitalize and re-industrialize America — a plan which will certainly redefine American history and reactivate the US Constitution, Rule of Law and re-establish the Republic for all Americans, while providing a vast array of new good job opportunities at every level. (Read Article Here)

I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the battle that went on in Congress last week along with the strong arming to keep Speaker John Boehner in power.

Monday, March 18, 2013

"Innovation will move abroad with the manufacturing.”

"If those who speak truth cannot be bought off or shut up, they are ignored or demonized. Almost everything Americans need to know is off limits in public discussion. Anyone who broaches the truth becomes an “anti-American,” a “terrorist sympathizer,” a “commie-socialist,” a “conspiracy theorist,” an “anti-semite,” a “kook,” or some other name designed to scare Americans away from the message of truth." 
Paul Craig Roberts

This morning I was listening to Wood Radio and heard them talking abut how more people are turning away from reading news papers and watching network news because they don't feel they are getting the information from them that they need.

When the media stops reporting, then people who have a desire to know what is going on in the world around them will find other sources of information. I know I have. Paul Craig Roberts is one of my sources that I read. 

» When Truth Is Suppressed Countries Die — Paul Craig Roberts

Over a decade during which the US economy was decimated by jobs offshoring, economists and other PR shills for offshoring corporations said that the US did not need the millions of lost manufacturing jobs and should be glad that the “dirty fingernail” jobs were gone.

America, we were told, was moving upscale. Our new role in the world economy was to innovate and develop the new products that the dirty fingernail economies would produce. The money was in the innovation, they said, not in the simple task of production.

As I consistently warned, the “high-wage service economy based on imagination and ingenuity” that Harvard professor and offshoring advocate Michael Porter promised us as our reward for giving up dirty fingernail jobs was a figment of Porter’s imagination.

Over the decade I repeated myself many times: “Innovation takes place where things are made. Innovation will move abroad with the manufacturing.”  FULL STORY

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jurry Nullification is the best way to keep Government Under Control

The Jury is our last line of defense against an out of control Government moving toward Fascism. There are many groups of activists today who all have their issues and Special Interests. They spend lots of money lobbying law makers for things they want no matter who's liberties they may step on to get what they want.

We hold primaries and elections to choose the best candidate to run for office and they all take an oath to uphold and protect your Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness, until they get elected. Then they soon forget that thing called the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

But lucky for Americans, we still have that last VOTE that not only counts, but can NULLIFY all the bad and unconstitutional laws our wayward elected employees make.

Here are the two most FEARED words that our Government never wants to hear.


Here are two recent cases where We The People knew and understood the real POWER we have and put the true meaning back into the words, "Of  The People, By The People, For The People"!

New Hampshire Jury Nullifies its First Felony Marijuana Case

Raw Milk Co-Op Farmer Acquitted Through Jury Nullification

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Day The US Dollar Died

There's a saying that History always repeats itself. I guess that's true. Our Founders thought they formed a Republic but they also knew that it was for the future generations to protect it. 

When the United States of America backed their dollars with Gold and Silver, this country thrived and prospered. Then in 1913, the BANKSTERS took over under the Federal Reserve Act.

Gold and Silver were eventually detached from the dollar and in 1975, OPEC was formed and the world agreed to trade oil for US Dollars. Trading of other commodities came to be priced in dollars as well.

But today, as you can see by reading the articles below that I posted yesterday, that's changing. And it's this change that is going to start WWIII. 

The real reason we are in Iraq is not because they may have had WMD's, we're there because Saddam Hussein no longer wanted to sell his oil with the US PetroDollar. 

When you hear the words, "US Interests", it translates to the Federal Reserve Note that we Americans are forced to use as a currency. The only thing that makes this instrument of debt valuable is that other countries use it for trade.

When a country such as Iraq steps out of line, we send our military there, remove the so called Dictator,  and occupy the country to keep them on track.

But today, we have China and Russia along with other nations detaching their trade from the US Dollar. On September 7, 2012, at the APEC Summit, Chinese President Hu Jintao said Beijing would do all it could to strengthen the 21- member Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and boost prospects of a global recovery by "Rebalancing its economy".

What was it that Ron Paul always said about our Foreign Policy? It was something about keeping our nose out of the other countries business and stop telling others what they can or can't do. I think the word Ron Paul used was "BLOWBACK"

What’s Iran doing with Turkish gold?

IRAN is trading oil for gold - FULL STORY HERE

China Imports More Gold From Hong Kong In Five Months Than All Of UK's Combined Gold Holdings

And here is the punchline: if Iran is getting gold in exchange for products, that means that someone else is demanding Iran's gold in exchange for other products. But we won't read about it until those "others" decide to issue a press release.
In other words, the anti-dollar trade is now alive and well, and Iran has been happily transacting in a dollar-free vacuum since the March SWIFT embargo. Most likely "buyers" of Iran's gold? The usual suspects of course: China, Russia, (both of whom recently established bilateral trade relations with the country just for that purpose, here and here) and India. FULL STORY

Iran, Russia Replace Dollar With Rial, Ruble in Trade, Fars Says

By Nayla Razzouk - Jan 7, 2012 8:39 AM ET
Iran and Russia replaced the U.S. dollar with their national currencies in bilateral trade, Iran’s state-run Fars news agency reported, citing Seyed Reza Sajjadi, the Iranian ambassador in Moscow.
The proposal to switch to the ruble and the rial was raised by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with his Iranian counterpart, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in Astana, Kazakhstan, of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the ambassador said.
Iran has replaced the dollar in its oil trade with India, China and Japan, Fars reported. FULL STORY

As more countries detach from the dollar, you will see such inflation in the US like nothing ever before. Those who are dependent on SS or Welfare will be hurt the most. You can expect to see massive riots and looting.  It isn't that we haven't been warned, it's that the Majority refused to listen.

So before Glenn Beck Attacks us Ron Paul supporters again, let him come read my humble little blog. Because here people get the real truth, not the varnished Beck truth. It's because Ron Paul supporters are well educated in both foreign and domestic affairs that we supported a candidate with real solutions. Something Glenn Beck failed to do and continues to fail at.

Glenn Beck: ‘Ron Paul people, I have had it up to here’

Our answer to Glenn Beck is: So have we Glenn, so have we!

Max Keiser ~ Ultimate QE3 Meltdown


Monday, September 17, 2012

Connect the Dots - Then Prepare

As I listened to the announcement of QE3, I started to remember some of the past and present articles I have read. In doing some searching to find them, I also came across these articles which connect the dots for what our Main Stream Media isn't talking about. 

You know, the guys and gals on TV who sit around the table giving their opinions on any given subject so that we can have both sides of the story. 

The question is, why aren't any of them talking about this situation? Oh, I know, Glenn Beck is encouraging people to buy gold, prepare for emergencies by stocking food and the like. But has Glenn said one word about this financial mess we're facing and what it will be like when it happens?

There are those out there who have been paying attention and have done what ever they can but what about the masses of people who will wake up one day to find their world upside down?

How US debt risks dollar doomsday

Last Updated: 12:27 AM, May 1, 2012
Posted: 10:23 PM, April 30, 2012

It started with the 1973 Saudi commitment to accept only US dollars as payment for oil, followed by OPEC’s 1975 agreement to trade only in dollars. Trading of other commodities came to be priced in dollars, reinforcing the dollar’s “reserve” status.

As a result, central banks worldwide have held onto large reserves of dollars to facilitate trade. That, in turn, has enabled the US to print much larger amounts of its currency, with seemingly little inflationary consequences. It’s also made it easier for Americans to import more than they export, to consume more than they produce, and to spend more than they earn.

But all that is changing rapidly.

A number of countries are abandoning the dollar for the Chinese yuan. Last December, Japan and China agreed to trade in yen and yuan. In January, the 10 nations of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations finalized a non-dollar credit agreement equivalent to $240 billion, strengthening their economies’ links with China, Japan and South Korea. FULL STORY

China, Russia sound alarm on world economy at APEC summit

VLADIVOSTOK, Russia | Sat Sep 8, 2012 12:18pm EDT

(Reuters) - China and Russia sounded the alarm about the state of the global economy at a summit on Saturday and urged Asian-Pacific countries to protect themselves by forging deeper regional economic ties. FULL STORY

China And Russia Are Ruthlessly Cutting The Legs Out From Under The U.S. Dollar

September 11, 2012

China and Russia have been spearheading a movement to shift away from using the U.S. dollar in international trade.  At the moment, the shift is happening gradually, but at some point a tipping point will come (for example if Saudi Arabia were to declare that it will no longer take U.S. dollars for oil) and the entire global financial system is going to change.  

When that tipping point comes the global demand for U.S. dollars is going to absolutely plummet and nightmarish inflation will come to the United States.  If such a scenario sounds far out to you, then you have not been paying attention.  In fact, China and Russia have been working very hard to move us toward exactly such a scenario. FULL STORY

Panetta Extends China Trip to Meet Xi Jinping and Visit Port

By Gopal Ratnam - BLOOMBERG
Panetta’s meeting with Xi comes after the vice president canceled an event with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Sept. 5. The meeting and port visit will be an opportunity for U.S. and Chinese officials to be more transparent with each other, the senior U.S. defense official said. FULL STORY

Interesting isn't it, if China won't talk to Hillary, they send Panetta over to do the job. I don't think VP Xi really cares, do you?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Blowback for both Republican and Democrat Parties. 

 We have now watched both Party National Conventions only to find that these are nothing but well scripted "Beauty Contests" at the Taxpayers Expense. Conventions are suppose to be about the Delegates and the delegates Votes. Not any more.

 Here's what happened at the RNC


And here's what happened at the DNC.


While I don't have any articles interviewing Delegates from the DNC, I do have several from the RNC, this one being the most recent.

 Student RNC reps stand by Ron Paul Paul is the leader of the liberty movement within the Republican Party. 

 Waldron said he entered the convention “pretty convinced” he was going to come out the other side supporting Romney, but following the convention he is undecided.

 “I feel — and many other people feel the same way — that it’s very hard to switch teams when we feel like we were basically disenfranchised,” Waldron said. FULL STORY

 There is such a huge fracture within both parties, it will be interesting to see just how this "BLOWBACK" will affect the election this year.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Johnson campaign has had enough of Republican

 ballot shenanigans

With word Friday that a challenge has been lodged in Ohio to try to remove Libertarian Party presidential candidate and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson's name from the November ballot in Ohio, a senior advisor to Johnson's campaign is charging that the national Republican Party is mounting a concerted effort to "deny citizens the right to vote for the candidate of their choice."

 In recent weeks, with the full support and legal assistance of the Republican Party, Johnson's ballot status has been challenged in Michigan, Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia, Iowa and now Ohio.

Ron Nielson, senior advisor to Gov. Johnson, said the following in a statement released Friday:

"The national Republican Party may not want to publicly acknowledge the presence of a true fiscal conservative in this race, but they are certainly taking Gov. Johnson seriously enough to engage in a concerted campaign to get his name off ballots in key states before voters even get a chance to vote.  
"In states across the nation, Republican operatives, lawyers, and in some cases, elected officials, are filing frivolous challenges to Governor Johnson's ballot status. They know that even if their challenges fail, fending them off is a drain on our resources and a distraction from the real issues in this campaign. We don't have hundreds of millions of dollars to throw around, nor do we have the Republicans' endless supply of lawyers. 
 "We have dealt with many challenges in this campaign from the major parties, who clearly don't want voters to have a viable third option in this election, but this attack on voting rights and democracy is over the top. 
 "Governor Johnson has made it clear that we will fight every one of these challenges and do everything in our power to be on the ballot in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The prospect of a successful two-term governor who is a proven fiscal conservative and champion of social tolerance may be a thorn in the sides of the two so-called major parties, but Governor Johnson will not be deterred in his effort to give voters a real choice in November."

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ron Paul Lecture: ‘The Great Enabler: The Rise of the Federal Reserve and the Growth of Government’

   Foreign Policy Journal
by Editor
September 5, 2012

 Congressman Ron Paul delivered this Congressional lecture on “The Great Enabler: The Rise of the Federal Reserve and the Growth of Government.” The introduction was given by Senator Rand Paul. As a continuing educational tool this lecture was filmed and is provided to the public.

 Congressman Paul explains in this lecture the Federal Reserve’s role as the enabler of big government. Through purchases of government debt, the Fed allows the government to spend beyond its means and contributes to the growth of the welfare-warfare state. If leviathan government is to be countered, understanding monetary policy and the fundamental role it plays in the relentless growth of government is a necessary first step.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Now, more than ever, the choice between Obama and Romney will be which one do you want to ruin your country?

With the Republican National Convention now over, some are still in shock as to how dishonest and hostile the Romney Campaign really was.

Doug Wead who is a presidential historian and New York Times bestselling author.  He has been an adviser to two American presidents and served in the White House as special assistant to the president under George Herbert Walker Bush.  In 2012, he took a sabbatical from writing history to serve as a senior adviser for the Ron Paul presidential campaign, wrote about it.

In a recent article titled Romney's Revenge, Wead lays out the strategy of the Romney Campaign starting in 2008 with the rules committee at the 2008 RNC.

Romney’s Revenge

And so, while John McCain was launching his general election campaign at the Republican Convention in 2008, the Mitt Romney forces were busy re-writing the rules for 2012.  They were trying to dethrone Iowa where they had been easily taken out in the last minute by evangelical Governor Mike Huckabee, seeing a year of work and millions of dollars go down the drain. FULL STORY
The article brings you to the 2012 primary and how Ron Paul's campaign used these rules to gain delegates. That's when the fighting began with Threats, violation of rules at county and state conventions, and in the end, stripping away of legally elected delegates from Ron Paul.

I have followed this years campaign from beginning to end and while there were many state articles on the state conventions, the national media ignored what was going on.