Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dealing with Social Security Disability Insurance

I know that Social Security is a sensitive subject these days. But I wonder how many people relate government owned and operated insurance with how private insurance companies operate in this country today.

How many people understand that it is through the legislative process and regulations that allow insurance companies to deny the protection that you pay them for.

Each state controls what insurance companies can sell you in your state. In fact, the state receives a portion of what you pay in premiums. I know, most of you don't know this and really don't care. Well, you don't care until you find that you have been paying for something that really doesn't exist.

Let's take a look at auto insurance. In Michigan, we have NO FAULT, insurance. The state allows the insurance companies TWO months to settle your claim if you are involved in an accident to either have your auto fixed or in the case the insurance determines your auto would cost them more to fix it than replace it, they will total it out.

So what numbers do the insurance companies use when they total out your car? Here in Michigan, they use dealer prices and then offer you less than dealer price. Keep in mind that the state gives them Two MONTHS to play with you and bring you down to their price. How many people can wait for TWO MONTHS to replace their car.

But what if you are injured? Want to live through a nightmare? Put a bumper sticker on the back of your car that says HIT ME.

Whiplash can devastate your whole life, but, don't tell the state legislators who receive lots of money for their campaign from insurance employees.

Here in Michigan, you will find that if you don’t have health care insurance, and you are injured in a car accident, your auto insurance will not pre approve anything that will prove your injury. Any test the doctor orders will have to be paid out of your pocket and then if it’s something the insurance company approves of, depending what the test and doctor determine, they may or may not pay for it.

Ok, so when the insurance is done denying and you have no other recourse, you follow your attorney’s advice and file for Social Security Disability.

Doesn’t that have a nice sounding name? SOCIAL SECURITY. Well, I did file, back in 2001. I was still dealing with my insurance company, ZURICH KEMPER LUBERMAN MUTUAL, and because I refused to take the mediation award of $10,000 which didn’t cover my medical, I went to court and lost.

I say I lost because while the JURY determined that I was injured, they didn’t feel the insurance company should have to pay the medical expenses I incurred. I guess if Gov. Engler hadn’t put caps on Attorney’s fees, maybe my attorney would have handled my case differently. Like maybe allow my doctors who were willing to come to court and testify, to do so. Instead, he just let the insurance companies attorney’s make me look like a “GOLD DIGGER”.

So, when my husband applied for SS Retirement, they asked him about me. He told them I had applied for SSD and was denied. The SS agent told him I needed to apply again.

So, now that you are up to date here, I applied AGAIN because a SS agent here in Muskegon, Michigan told my husband that I should.

Guess what, I just love it when I get those letters from agencies we PAY for protection that have DENIAL stamped on them.

But what’s even more telling is the veiled threat in the letter confirming that I will have a hearing before a Administrative Law Judge.


At the hearing, you may present your case to the ALJ who will hear and decide it. The ALJ will consider the issue(s) you have raised and the evidence now in your file and any additional evidence you provide. The ALJ may consider other issues as well and, if necessary, change parts of the previous decision that were favorable to you. The Notice of Hearing will state the issues the ALJ plans to consider at the hearing.

Well, since there has never been any favorable decision in my direction, I guess I really have nothing to loose by demanding a JUDICIAL HEARING in front of an Administrative Law Judge who also works for the Federal Judicial Court System overseeing Federal Administrative Social Programs.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Who Won South Carolina Debate?

I watched the Debate that aired on Fox News last night from Greenville, South Carolina with great interest. I wanted to see how Fox would handle this first Debate and who Fox would proclaim the winner.

They always have a group of people off in a test room who grade the candidates after the debate is over. Either the American People themselves are so conditioned to be gullible, or Fox has a knack for picking those who will say what they want to hear.

According to the test group, Herman Cain was the candidate who most impressed them. When asked why, they answered; "Because he is the only one who has a plan".

I'm not sure if these people were watching the same debate that I watched last night. I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out just what PLAN Mr. Cain offered.

But the vast majority of the people sitting in with Republican pollster Frank Luntz said Cain had won the debate with his directness and straightforward delivery. (This despite the fact that when asked about what he would do in Afghanistan, he replied that he would rely on "the experts and their advice and their input." The Fox News debate moderators seemed incredulous that he did not offer a position.) Luntz appeared blown away by the response to Cain, which he cast as unprecedented. "Something very special happened this evening," he said.

Let me see, we have a President who came out of nowhere, had no experience, and is borrowing us into bankruptcy through the Federal Reserve. This President didn't have a plan except to promise us Hope and Change.

So who is Herman Cain? Well, at least Herman Cain does have some Executive experience, although Fox was very careful not to fully disclose all of Herman Cain's accomplishments last night. The only candidate who proclaimed that he has never held a Government Position.

So, who is he? The self-described ABC -- that's American Black Conservative -- is a former CEO of the Godfather's Pizza chain. He has also served stints as an Atlanta radio talk show host, a mathematician for the Department of the Navy and chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. So far Cain, 65, is the only prospective GOP candidate to form a presidential exploratory committee.

So for those out there who deny that it's the Federal Reserve Bank behind the promoting of the "FAIR TAX", than you should have tuned into last nights debate. You guessed it, Herman Cain was the ONLY candidate who was asked the question and was the ONLY candidate to support it. And isn't it interesting that he was placed next to Ron Paul.

Well folks, I'm still going to stick with Ron Paul. It doesn't look like Herman Cain will ever FREE us from the hooks of the Private Bankers known as the Federal Reserve Bank that has put this country to ruin.

The Republican raised more than $1 million as of 7 a.m. ET Friday, according to a tally on his campaign website. There is a billboard showing the names of recent campaign donors and their hometowns, along with a goal to reach $2 million.

Ron Paul crushing in win on post debate FAUX News poll!

Fox Poll on...
Who Won the SC GOP Debate?
[from their site as of 11:23 PM 05/05/2011]
Count the equals signs!
Rep. Ron Paul 83.4%
Gov. Tim Pawlenty 1.19%
Sen. Rick Santorum 1.3%
Herman Cain 12.46%