Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fair Tax & Senate Bill S-510

The Fair Tax places a tax on Food, and eliminates taxes on CORPORATIONS. The promoters of the Fair Tax will tell you if you don't want to pay the tax, just grow your own FOOD. If you really want to understand why this Fair Tax is EVIL and the people who are promoting it are not your friend, they are your enemy, just read the Food Safety Enhancement Act and watch these very important videos explaining the GLOBAL AGENDA.

It all makes perfect sense to me now why there is such a deceptive push to get the right people in place here in Michigan who will pass this Fair Tax on us. Be very careful who you support this November.

HISTORY: H.R. 2749: Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009
SPONSOR: Rep. John Dingell [D-MI15] (Gubernatorial Candidate Rick Snyder donated to John Dingell's Campaign in 2003, 2006, and 2008.)
Diana DeGette [D-CO1]
Frank Pallone [D-NJ6]
Bart Stupak [D-MI1]
Betty Sutton [D-OH13]
Henry Waxman [D-CA30]

S. 510: FDA Food Safety Modernization Act

SPONSOR: Sen. Richard Durbin [D-IL]
Lamar Alexander [R-TN]
Jeff Bingaman [D-NM]
Richard Burr [R-NC]
Roland Burris [D-IL]
Saxby Chambliss [R-GA]
Christopher Dodd [D-CT]
Michael Enzi [R-WY]
Kirsten Gillibrand [D-NY]
Judd Gregg [R-NH]
Thomas Harkin [D-IA]
Orrin Hatch [R-UT]
John Isakson [R-GA]
Edward Kennedy [D-MA]
Amy Klobuchar [D-MN]
Ben Nelson [D-NE]
Tom Udall [D-NM]
David Vitter [R-LA]

Food Laws

State Imposed Violence

Corporate Rule

Reclaiming Economy


Robert said...

Evil? You unilaterally slam the FairTax, a tax reform initiative that would eliminate the byzantine income tax code (which, yes, includes taxes on corporations), yet give no valid reason.

Let me give you a quick lesson in taxation: I own a small business that caters to other businesses, I spend thousands in taxes and tax prep every year, costs that I must pass on to my customers. They, in turn, incur similar tax-related costs and pass them on to their customers. And on and on and on it goes until the end-customer (that'd be you, the consumer) gets to eat the sum total of all these costs added by the fed.

Then to add insult to injury, you get taxed on your income as well. And you think an alternative to that madness is evil?!

The FairTax would broaden the tax base (read: lots of people pay a relatively small amount) by taxing retail consumption of NEW goods and services, and nothing else. It exempts the poor from paying consumption taxes up to the poverty level, and it makes American businesses more competitive (because foreign companies don't pay US income tax, yet they sell their stuff here and compete with ME). This would be a natural stimulation to the economy, and I can tell you without hesitation I would hire two more people right away if my tax burden went away.

Please, do yourself a favor and read up on the FairTax (in particular it's prebate concept) before you knee-jerk slam it as just another Big Government initiative. It's actually quite the opposite - when you take away the government's ability to tax your earnings as they see fit and make ad-infinitum tax exemptions to people making campaign contributions every year (thereby causing our federal tax code to grow by an average of nearly 5 pages per day), you take away a LOT of Washington's power.

Lastly, the S-510 food bill is not in any way related to the FairTax, and it is disingenuous for you to imply it.

travllrs said...

Sensible reader Comments are posted in response to MOST of these anti-Fairtax articles. (See FAIR TAX DEBATE in the left margin). For example, June 15th, Daar gave specifics as to the FairTax's benefits to the People and Liberty.

- - - PASTE - - -

Daar said...

A "quick list" of FairTax "fixes" can be ascertained from our postings above, Rose:

• Returns control of the family purse to the family.
• Income tax withholding ended.
• Federal gov't paid, only as families spend and benefit.
• "The rate" is an easily-graspable indicator of fed. costs to families.
• Only those who are genuinely subsistent pay no tax.
• The income tax code is gone.
• Social engineering gone with the tax code.
• Lobbyist numbers shrink by half - no more tax favors.
• FairTax far less prone to corruptible manipulation.
• The wealthy pay their fair share.
• Taxpayers have "new at retail" purchasing "strike" power to express displeasure.
• Externalizes taxes that are buried in prices - makes true tax load visible.
• FairTax can be jettisoned prior to export, enhancing our exports, and correcting current border problems.
• Trillions of dollars resting off-shore is repatriated.
• The U.S. becomes the global home of business formation, and will set the pace for other nations.
• Prebate replaces bureaucratically code-mediated credits, deductions with cold hard cash against EVERY CITIZEN's basic needs.
• No more income tax returns.
• No more IRS.
• No more threats by IRS (audits, interest, penalites, and worse!)
• Income tax withholding ended.
• Minimizes ability of gov't to compete against private enterprise (non-tax exempt) thereby encouraging "limited gov't."
• Eliminates the current "permission to live" income tax (i.e., tax liability ceases to be incurred by working).
• Purported 4th Amendment violations of income tax system, fixed.
• Purported 5th Amendment violations of income tax system, fixed.
• Purported 1st Amendment violations of income tax system, fixed.
• FairTax clears away the confusion and clutter (and intended Congressional obfuscation) that hampers a clearer focus on Congressional spending because it ends the ability of pitting poor against rich.

The FairTax does not purport to fix Congress's spending problem (that is not its domain); it does, however, remove impediments to focusing on the issue, increases taxpayer's ascention to wealth, and provides options to express their displeasure (other than ceasing to make income).

Still you believe that the FairTax "fixes nothing"?

- - - END PASTE - - -

[Rose's reply, where she pompously, and presumptuously, speaks for others. . .]

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June 15, 2010 1:30 AM
Rose said...

Daar, your biggest problem is you don't understand what the public wants.

The public want's the truth exposed about who and what is taxable under the 16th Amendment and the FRAUD and VIOLATIONS committed every day by IRS agents.

The Public want's the size and cost of government reduced back within Constitutional Limits.

The Public want's the elimination of the Federal Reserve Private Bank and a return to Constitutional currency backed by Gold and Silver.

Most of what you claim in the list above is just pure outright hogwash and you know it.

- - - END PASTE - - -

The kind of unsubstantiated, negatively-biased generalities and misdirection you put out there call into question your judgment, Rose.

Rose said...

Robert and Travllrs, it is obvious that neither one of you have bothered to do any research into the tax codes or anything else for that matter.

Where were you when we petitioned for redress on the Federal Reserve and the IRS? I don't remember either of you whom come here to tell me I'm all wet because I put the truth about what the Fair Tax is and how it connects the dots with both Rick Snyder, John Dingll and the Food Safety Enhancement Act, S-510.

The Fair Tax is just another SLAVE tax like the Income Tax is, just collected in a different way.

It does nothing to solve the spending problems with both the States or the Federal Governments.

Evil is Evil no matter how you dress it up and the people who promote it are just as Evil and Enemies of the Constitution as the People of this state and country.

I take it that neither one of you bothered to watch the videos posted here. You should. Then you would see that this is a Global Plan, it's not just being presented here.

And if you want to have fair competition Robert, then why aren't you working to Repeal the Free Trade Agreements? You see Robert, calling them Free Trade agreements is as much a Fraud as calling this a Fair Tax.

travllrs said...

It's very clear that you're relishing the prospect of "making 'em pay" for all of the subterfuge that the government has been responsible for. This is very unwise because you're "playin' on their ball field, and they pay the umpires!"

The FairTax - while meeting the government's Constitutional right to raise revenue - changes the "game" because it is transparent, and it does away with the income tax code - the source of much oppression and favoritism.

IF we move boldly to support enactment, the government WILL only get theirs as we get ours (decide to benefit through a purchase - but it's on our time schedule, no more April 15th!)

This is a no-brainer. It is the most important initiative at the present time - whether, or not, you can see it.

Rose said...

I take it travllrs that you don't eat. Perhaps you haven't taken the time to read S-105? Your boasting of the PRE-BAIT based on poverty level is suppose to make it OK? It will all be transparent? So tell us travllrs, what business are you and Robert in and what products do you sell to us, the consumer?

Telling us that we can grow our own food is soon to end. So what you want is for us to pay a consumption tax on everything that we need to sustain life at a time when you know Hyper-Inflation is just around the corner. Like in the next few months. And the teensy weensy Bait check we will get back will cover the Inflated cost of food and of course the more the food cost's the more the tax is, Right guys?

And while we are now having all that TRANSPARENCY,

GLOBEL CORPORATIONS will be able to operate and pay ZIP on the Corporate Excise Tax called the Income Tax. And even better yet, since the cost of wages have gone down, that's another added benefit to the FASCIST CORPORATE TAKE OVER isn't it.

Go peddle you VILE EVIL Fair Tax else where guys.

travllrs said...

Rose, first off, thank you for all your hard work in bringing many important bits of information to our attention. I salute you, and it is why I keep in touch with your blog.

The assaults on our Liberty are many-tentacled, and they involve cooperation and coordination between governments, central banks, and multi-national corporations. They also involve overwhelming the citizenry with attempts to limit Liberty via increased regulation and legislation, fomenting alarm, even panic, which generates anger and resentment.

Once anger and resentment take over, rational analysis of solutions is often impossible. This, in turn, foments argument within patriot ranks, confuses many, divides us, and pits us against each other, keeping us from effectively channeling our energies in a united fashion to effectively dismantle the "puzzle palace" operations, piece by piece.

The income tax, and its system of coercive and intrusive collection, places ALL of us at risk. The system is purposely debilitating by virtue of the needless wasted hours it puts us to in order to stave off the constant threat of mounting financial (interest, penalties) and emotional harm - even to the point of suicide! (BTW, I read somewhere that no stat's are kept on IRS collections that result in the death of the taxpayer being pursued.)

Access to cash flow, through withholding from worker paychecks, together with the ability to require compliance under threat, is but a part of the puzzle as to how the government / political class conducts in subversive mission - but IT IS AN IMPORTANT PART. Put simply, the FairTax is an important citizen-initiated initiative which focuses on "following the money." If successfully enacted, the FairTax enables We, the People, to regain control of when, how, and how much we pay "da Man," and - as Daar has previously discussed - provides options to protest Congressional spending that currently do not exist (see his Comments, elsewhere, under FAIR TAX DEBATE at left margin).

To summarize: Though the FairTax does not directly deal with these other "tentacles" that we ALL are alarmed about, (spending, subversion through un-Constitutional laws and regulations), successfully instituting the FairTax as a replacement to the income tax, removes a key "control and command" center used by the government against us.

The thing that I fear most is that patriots will become so overwhelmed with the "many-tentacled assault," that they'll be unable to know how to "process" relationships among them, and so will be ineffective in their fight against these initiatives. This is currently happening, and is demonstrated repeatedly here on your blog. Patriots - like yourself - ought to be very vigilent, and try to steer clear from using emotionally-charged, angry epithets in regard to any initiative that addresses such a key part of the puzzle. If you can rationally present logic for opposition - point by point - so each point can be examined, this would be helpful. (Daar has tried to do this, but it seems that his points are just dismissed without further inquiry or examination - on point.)

It you continue to just refuse to listen to reason - and you fail to use reason to demonstrate either why your beliefs are correct - OR INCORRECT, you'll ultimately lose credibility, readers and support. You also stand to hurt the cause of Liberty when those, who placed their trust in your judgement, realize that it has been misplaced and they they respond with resignation.

Robert said...

"Robert and Travllrs, it is obvious that neither one of you have bothered to do any research into the tax codes or anything else for that matter."

Well Rosie, with that sweeping judgement I would say it's obvious that you are a hard-headed ignoramus that stubbornly refuses to accept any facts that go contrary to your prescribed beliefs.

I was inclined to just ignore you and your blog after that remark, but I'm going to make one last try here to open your closed little mind because there are other parts of your blog that earn you some credit, FWIW.

To the contrary of your ridiculously off-base assertion, I have done a HELL of a lot of research on taxes, studied the topic extensively for the better part of 10 years and read more books on income tax systems than I can count (including my third book on the FairTax this past week). I hold both an accounting and an engineering degree, I've started two successful businesses, and I am a die-hard Libertarian Conservative with great concern for where this country is headed. Does that qualify me in your narrow little world to make an informed assessment about tax reform, Rose? Or are you going to dismiss me as some evil corporate slave-driver fascist because I dare to risk my time and money to create small businesses, employ people and try to be a productive member of society while making an honest buck?

And what would you propose is a better solution to the FairTax, Rose? It's easy to slam any tax system, but it's cerebrally lazy to just cast stones and not proffer an alternative. That said, I suspect I'm wasting my time here trying to persuade you to think outside your box anyway. It's quite obvious you haven't even glanced at the core components of the FairTax or you wouldn't have posted that drivel about "GLOBEL CORPORATIONS" escaping taxes and ignored everything the rest of us have been telling you about how all corporate income taxes MUST trickle down thought the food chain, which ultimately hits you and I, the consumer.

Travllrs has exhibited much more patience with you than I can here. I think you're just another crackpot now, a person who is fundamentally incapable of engaging in logical reasoning and debate. Above all, you are completely disinclined to ever admit you might possibly be WRONG on any topic about which you've already made up your mind, no matter what evidence is presented to you.

Robert said...
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Robert said...
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Rose said...

How nice for you Robert that you are so well educated on the issue of taxes. I have spent the last 15 years of my life on the issue.

I have also had my own business as well as my husband having started many business.

But I also see a much bigger picture here then the TWO employees you might be tempted to hire if I would just get some my head out of the box and see things your way.

Try reading the DAMN BILL and not some book that tells you what you want to hear about it.