Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fair tax is a trap: Demand NO vote on H.R. 25

By: Devvy
August 9, 2010

In order to understand why H.R. 25 is just another tool of tyrants, you have to go back and see where and when the problem started. Prior to 1913, we had no federal income tax. There was no unconstitutional "Federal" Reserve Banking system and there was no Seventeenth Amendment. This nation thrived in agriculture, manufacturing and industrial output.

In order to fully understand the truth about these fake "solutions" (fair tax, flat tax), you have to do the research. Those taxing schemes are nothing new, but it appears there is big money behind getting that bill passed and we must stop it. If Congress wanted to get rid of the income tax, they could have done it decades ago. The Republicans had control of Congress from January 1995 - December 2006. All they did was continue spending us into unpayable debt. And, yes, the debt is unpayable, and if you think the U.S. won't default on its debt, you are ignoring the hard, cold facts.

Once Americans began to understand the ludicrous hype in Boortz' argument, out came another book to "clarify" the lies:

"Boortz is right. There are some eye-opening new insights unique to this sequel. Like the disclosure that you might "owe more in taxes in the first year of a Fair Tax system than you do today."[1] Or the admission that "the Fair Tax could be even more progressive than our current system."[2] Or the confession that the "implementation of the Fair Tax doesn't mean complete annihilation of the IRS."[3] Or the proposal that "a procedure should be set up in the Treasury Department to collect taxes on Internet and catalog sales, remitting the state and local governments' share to them."[4]  FULL STORY


travllrs said...

Part 1 of 2 –

Rose, I see the similarities between your style of writing, and Devvy's. It would appear that you have adopted her views on the FairTax, and I assume that that is why you have posted her article. Like you, Devvy is full of important information, but - unfortunately - her presentation is confused, negatively-charged, and emotionally-laden without scrupulous attention to uncovering the specifics of how, and the logic of why, she opposes something as important as the FairTax. Her article flails widely outside of the subject of the FairTax, and includes MANY conclusions of what needs to be done (some of which I agree with). However, her article is NOT helpful in aiding patriots' understanding of the FairTax and why she opposes it.

I'm going to give you the benefit of seeing Devvy's article through MY eyes - LOGICALLY. I hope that it will help YOU understand why I SUPPORT replacing the income tax with the FairTax.

- - -
Perspective on: “Fair tax is a trap: Demand NO vote on H.R. 25” by Devvy Kidd, 8/9/2009

Devvy tells of a FairTax commercial she viewed. View it for yourself [5 YouTube videos on autoplay]:

• http://bit.ly/a3Ypl4

Devvy then proceeds to smear prominent advocates as supporting,
• "another dangerous taxing scheme that will not cure the cancer, only continue to feed the beast."

She then characterizes Neal Boortz as having,
• "zero understanding of the Federal Reserve and why such a taxing scheme would only continue to steal the fruits of our labor to fund massive government spending."

Devvy neglects to show the (assumedly, nefarious) relationship SHE sees between the Federal Reserve and the proposed FairTax.

She then accuses Michael Reagan as having,
• "zero understanding of our monetary system and its feeding artery: the IRS."

FairTax severs the automatic “feeding artery” represented by income tax withholding, its enactment will remove the “comply, or else” features of the current income tax system confronting ANYONE who receives a paycheck.

Finally, Devvy fixes her sights on Newt Gingrich, calling him a sell-out, a "serial adulterer and ethically bankrupt."

Smearing FairTax supporters does NOTHING to help the reader understand the FairTax plan. What Devvy’s INTENTION TO DO is to “convict” the FairTax plan by its ASSOCIATION with such “tainted” supporters - afterall, if adulterers and those who are ignorant of tax law and the Federal Reserve (at least, more ignorant than Devvy or Rose) support it, it can't be a good thing!

This tactic of “guilt by association” should cue the reader that the person “pointing the finger” is NOT well-qualified to discuss the FairTax plan on its merits – and the reader should, at that point, dismiss the critique as invalid - not germane to discovery of pro’s and con’s.


travllrs said...

Part 2 of 2 -

So, after this "poisoning of the well" (the purposeful misdirection of convicting the FairTax plan by association with defective supporters – tyrants!), Devvy purports to get about the mission of helping the reader understand why HR 25 (proposed FairTax Act) "is just another tool of (those afore-mentioned) tyrants,"
• "...you have to go back and see where"and when the problem started. Prior to 1913, we had no federal income tax. There was no unconstitutional 'Federal' Reserve Banking system and there was no Seventeenth Amendment."

Devvy has IMPLIED two things:
1) That proposed HR 25 - this "tool of tyrants", is a "problem," and that,
2) (in some way) this "problem" stems from the FR banking system and the 17th Amendment (which it DOESN’T).

Now, we expect that she'll clarify these in the upcoming paragraphs, right? Well, not really. But, she DOES get to the heart of the matter, and FairTax's corrective relationship to the income tax,
• "The shadow government that has been controlling Congress for almost a hundred years had the downfall of America well planned. First, an income tax to syphon off the fruits of our labor. Even though the Sixteenth Amendment wasn't legally ratified and did not give Congress any new power of taxation, we all know what that Gestapo criminal syndicate will do to you if you don't voluntarily submit (with a gun to your head) to looting your earnings."

Then, skipping the next four paragraphs that have NOTHING to do with the FairTax, she again, is ON TARGET,
• "This so called "fair" tax gets rid of the indentured servitude taxes: Medicare and Social Security as well as some others."

Yet, this does NOT make Devvy (or Rose) happy - or provide enough for them to support the effort! Why?? Because DEVVY, and you, Rose, WANT MORE than the FairTax deals with,
• "For decades I have said, along with millions of others: A limited form of republican government means just that and mandatory at the top of the list is to get rid of the income tax [which the FairTax does], the FED, get us out of Bretton Woods and all the foreign financial entanglements looting the people's purse. People can still pay their indentured servitude taxes and the Outlaw Congress can pass simple bills to eliminate the obscene death tax as well as others." [I did a double-take on the last sentence! - DF]

Elimination of the Fed, foreign financial entanglements, and Congressional budget falls OUTSIDE of the domain of what the FairTax seeks to correct. But, by correcting the METHOD by which we are made LIABLE for tax payments (WE DECIDE when making a purchase 'new, at retail'), making the process more TRANSPARENT (it's detailed on the receipt), more EQUITABLE (the more you spend, the greater the percentage of taxes you pay; only the TRULY subsistent, spending at poverty-level pay NO tax), and the true tax load VISIBLE (we're reminded every time we shop how big a bite that Uncle Sam is taking from us), we equip citizens with the KNOWLEDGE they need to make DECISIONS ("I've had enough, and we're going to 'buy used,' make our clothes, grow the food we consume, to send Congress a message!") and to act with greater UNITY (no lobbyists, or politicians, will ever tell me how much of my own, hard-earned money I can keep - EVER AGAIN!).

But Devvy (and Rose, you too) miss ALL of this. So, you and Devvy, "bad-mouth" the FairTax as a "fake solution," misleading other patriots. Never mind the important corrections that the FairTax represents, YOU ARE UNHAPPY because you still want to exact REVENGE upon a Federal government by enforcing redress of grievance, rather than removing a key root of same! (Is this supposed to be rational and helpful to the cause of Liberty? I think not.)

Rose said...

"Yet, this does NOT make Devvy (or Rose) happy - or provide enough for them to support the effort! Why?? Because DEVVY, and you, Rose, WANT MORE than the FairTax deals with,"

Your so right Travllrs, and we aren't willing to hold our nose and vote for something or someone we don't agree with or want.

I'm so happy to see that you finally get it, well sort of. If you had done the type of research that Devvy has, or been as active as a patriot as long as she has, you might get it.

But I know that your happy licking the boots of the master FEDERAL RESERVE and really don't want to return to a Constitutional Republic so there really is no reason for us to discuss this issue anymore.

Don said...

If you weren't making comments about just one political party I may lend you some credit but you are on one party and say nothing about the other.
Therefore In my opinion your are biased, as such you can not see the forest through the tree. BOTH parties and almost all politicians want to keep the tax system as is because they know they can expand it. They are NO LONGER WORKING FOR THE PEOPLE! they work for themselves. A flat tax appears to be a system that will create a fair taxation system. BUT be aware that if it is ever passed some POLITICIAN will figure a way around it to get at your money. Especially if they are allowed to be reelected over and over again.

Rose said...

I don't have a clue what your talking about Don. This article was written by Devvy Kidd.

I think that when you understand that I do post articles that I believe are of interest from all different sources, which is why people come to read my blog. Sometimes I comment or write an article of my own.

People who are interested in the same issues as I am come here to read the items I find. No one has to agree with anything they don't want to.

Some people come here because they want to debate their point of view with me which is why travllrs is here. There isn't anything to debate. I am against the fair tax and will always be against the fair tax. It's been what PROGRESSIVES have been trying to implement since the 16th Amendment and it's right in Congressional Record if anyone cares to go do the research.

So for Travllrs to accuse Devvy of making assumptions but what Travllrs doesn't seem to understand is that Devvy has done the research. She blew the whistle on this a long time ago and has lots of documentation to back up what she says about the Federal Reserve and the tax system.

As for Neal Boortz, well, he is just another Progressive attorney pushing a Progressive agenda. You may not like her writing style or mine, Tough, we might not like yours either. So what? Do I come to your blog and challenge you or call you names? No! Do I go to your Fair Tax site and leave nasty messages or try to convince your readers you are just over emotional and not a logical rational thinker? NO. But you do.

I have never trusted bullies, even smooth talking bullies.