Thursday, August 26, 2010

And so, the breaking news . . .

Secretary of State Candidate Ruth Johnson Earns Independence Caucus Endorsement

Ruth Johnson has earned the endorsement of the I-Caucus in her bid to win the Republican nomination for Michigan Secretary of State.

The goal of Independence Caucus is to find, vet, endorse and then assist principled candidates.  Members nationwide vote on candidates after receiving their questionnaire and a lengthy interview process.  I-Caucus promotes limited government, fiscal responsibility, and adherence to Constitutional authority.

The goal of I-Caucus members is to bring government control and accountability back to the people, remove the influence and control of "big money" special interest groups, and to hold our representatives accountable to their promises and principles.

Ruth Johnson responded to the endorsement saying, "It is an honor to have earned the confidence of the members of I-Caucus.  As a pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, and pro-Constitution candidate, my core values are very much in line with those promoted by the I-Caucus.  This is truly an honor." FULL STORY

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