Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fear, Hysteria And Econo-Bookies (14 Sep 2011) Trends In The News

Gerald Celente has a knack for getting the zeitgeist right.— USA Today

A network of 25 experts whose range of specialties would rival many university faculties. —The Economist

When CNN wants to know about the Top Trends, we ask Gerald Celente. — CNN Headline News

Gerald Celente makes an appearance on Yahoo Tech Ticker.

Gerald Celente: Money Addicts! 2/2

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Judicial Racketeering Prompts Call For RICO ACT Prosecutions

Full Disclosure Network tm
Release Date: August 29, 2011

Ron Paul brings substance to a poorly moderated debate

Thursday, September 8, 2011 - The Political Pro-Con by Conor Murphy

Although he did not receive nearly as much time as the so called front-runners, Ron Paul was the only substantive candidate on that stage. As always, Paul's arguments against a powerful federal government were well received by the debate audience as they always are. On the immigration issue, Congressman Paul was the only candidate with enough sense to realize that the problem can't be solved unless one looks at the cause, such as special benefits that immigrants receive. He also made the clever argument that if Republicans were against healthcare mandates, then they should be just as philosophically against mandates such as the minimum wage. While other candidates may have received more attention from the media and the debate moderators, none of them were able to refute any of Paul's claims about the economy or civil liberties. Dr. Paul, once again, had something that none of the other candidates had; substance. FULL STORY

Conor Murphy is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in political science. As a former radio talk show host on WVCW, Conor hosted two popular shows, Murphy's Law and Son of the Revolution. You can read more of his columns in The Political Pro-Con at The Washington Times Communities.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Ron Paul Emerges as Formidable GOP Presidential Contender

International Business Times
By David Magee | September 9, 2011 8:53 AM EDT

Something interesting happened in that moment during the Republican presidential debate when Texas Governor and GOP front-runner Rick Perry turned to Ron Paul during a break, continuing a spirited exchange while physically grabbing him and pointing an index finger toward Paul's face.

A picture from the debate showing the episode in which Perry turned to Paul during the break lit up media sites, and the talk began to shift from that debate moment to what Paul stands for and is running for in his presidential bid. Almost overnight, the Texas House Republican became a formidable candidate in the GOP presidential nomination race.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

MSNBC's Farce GOP Debate

Let me start by giving the definition of the word FARCE:

farce |färs|
a comic dramatic work using buffoonery and horseplay and typically including crude characterization and ludicrously improbable situations.
• the genre of such works.
• an absurd event : the debate turned into a drunken farce.

Now I could be wrong, but in my opinion, a debate is an event where candidates have the chance to formally discuss their platform for the voting public. Each candidate who has applied for the Job of President should be allowed to answer each question asked so that voters can decide which candidate has the best interest of the country as a whole.

So I say again, MSNBC's debate was a Farce, a joke, an absurd event that focused on only two candidates, the two most liberal candidates the GOP has to offer.

My husband keep track of how many questions were asked of each candidate and how many times they received follow up questions and how many times each candidate was allowed a rebuttal.

The tally was that Perry and Romney together either were asked or allowed to rebut 39 times.

The other six candidates standing on stage together were allowed to speak up 43 times.

Here's the break down.

Cain - 5 questions and broke in once for a total of 6

Huntsman - 7 questions, one rebuttal - total 8

Gingrich - 6 questions - total 6

Santorum - 5 questions 1 rebuttal - total 6

Bachmann - 7 questions, 2 follow up questions, 1 rebuttal - total 10

Paul - 5 direct questions, 1 follow up question, 4 rebuttals - total 9

Romney - 9 questions, 3 follow up questions, 3 rebuttals - total 15

Now the son of the Liberal MSNBC

Rick Perry - 10 questions, 6 follow up questions, 6 rebuttals - total 24

MSNBC's post-debate poll...with a deceptive bar graph...

The only thing that impressed me last night was MSNBC did run this ad before and after the debate.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I would like to thank Jarden Home Brands, or Ball®, for responding and taking the time to look at the pictures. I would also like to point out that out of the 7 new cases of jars and lids I purchased this year, I had this problem with only one of the cases.

If you should ever experience this, here's what is recommended by the company.

The sealing problem appears to be the result of a buckled lid. Our home canning lids are made to release the pressure inside the jar that builds up during processing.  This is called “venting” and after the jar is vented, the lid seals, leaving a vacuum.  Occasionally, if the band is screwed down too tightly, the lid seals onto the jar before it has thoroughly vented. When this happens, pressure within the jar builds up causing the lid to buckle. To help prevent this from happening, we recommend screwing the bands down to the point of resistance.
Boiling the lids may also cause buckling. When lids are boiled, the sealing compound may be softened too much. This could cause the jar to seal prematurely. Then, as the jars seals, the lid will buckle. Lids should be placed in a saucepan of water and heated until hot (180°F).
A rapid drop in the temperature of a pressure canner may also cause buckling. For this reason, we recommend allowing the canner to cool naturally.
In addition, excess air in the jar may also cause the lids to buckle. Use a non metallic utensil to remove excess air from jars before sealing. Accurate headspace is important and the appropriate amount should be used for each food type.


I have always relied on BALL to provide me with the best canning supplies. I have never had a problem with the lids until this year. I don't know if BALL is OUTSOURCING the manufacturing of the lids or not, but just take a look at these pictures of the jars I processed today and tell me if this is acceptable to you?

Ok, I guess you get the idea. I do have more pictures and could go on and on and on.

You know, I'm just a simple housewife who want's to do what's right for my family. I want to know who grew the food, (Me and my friend) I want to know who handles the food, and I want LIDS that seal. Am I asking for to much in this NEW GLOBLE WORLD that we live in?