Monday, August 30, 2010

Tea partiers challenge Calley's spot in Michigan governor's race

EAST LANSING - A day before Saturday's Michigan Republican Party convention, State Rep. Brian Calley said he planned to meet as many delegates as possible to pave the way for his nomination as lieutenant governor.

But his efforts did not prevent a challenge Saturday, when members of the Tea Party of West Michigan nominated their own candidate, Bill Cooper of Fruitport, for lieutenant governor instead.

That challenge was part of a headlong confrontation Saturday between party regulars and tea party activists, who also were angry at delays in getting credentials Saturday morning at the Breslin Center.

Bill Gavette, 47 a delegate and tea party activist from Attica, said he is concerned that Calley played a key role in crafting the Michigan Business Tax, which is despised by some conservatives. FULL STORY

Friday, August 27, 2010

Don't Tread On Me - Full Movie | Support the film makers, please purchase an offical copy with DVD extras and bonus material. From the Tea Party Movement to State Legislators, the American people are drawing a line in the sand. On what side of it will you stand?

Has the government our Founders created been forgotten by Washington DC? Is a Patriot Uprising ready to capture the spirit of 1776?

"Don't Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic" gives the viewer a look into the movements, mindset, and legislation that will catapult the "Great Restoration" into households across America. What is the choke-collar the Federal Government uses to reign in the States? Are the States sovereign or subjects of Washington DC?

What did the Founders foresee and how did they seek to protect us from a tyrannical government? "Don't Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic" exposes the commerce clause, defines Sovereignty, the proper role of government, a Constitutional Militia and much more.

"Don't Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic" offers sound solutions to take back rights stolen by our out-of-control, despotic federal government. "Don't Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic" will educate, inspire, and activate a nation desperately seeking direction. What side of the line will you stand?

JFK Assassination Cover-Up Blown Sky High

For those of us who lived through this time, this is not shocking news. Just as the families and a great majority of the American people are questioning the "Official Report of 9/11", we also examined and questioned the "Warren Commission Report" and still do.

Kurt Nimmo
Thursday, August 26, 2010

It is a story the corporate media, with the notable exception of one lone Fox News affiliate, refuses to report. A former FBI agent, Don Adams, has compelling evidence Lee Harvey Oswald did not assassinate president John F. Kennedy. Adams was assigned to an FBI office in Thomasville, Georgia, on November 22, 1963. Adams was responsible for investigating Joseph Adams Milteer, described as a radical with connections to the States Rights Party and KKK. Milteer, according to Adams, was involved in Kennedy’s assassination.

As revealed by the Church Committee in the mid-70s and according to internal FBI documents the agency controlled the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacists beginning in the 1960s. More recently, it was revealed that racist radio talk show host Hal Turner operated as a “national security intelligence” asset for the FBI, thus demonstrating the agency still has its hooks in the lunatic fringe movement.

The racist Milteer “was reportedly one of most violent men in the country,” Adams told Fox 8 News. Years later, Adams discovered that Milteer had threatened to kill Kennedy on November 9, 1963, and the FBI had lied about Milteer whereabouts. In order to make his case, Adams played an audio recording of Milteer for Fox News. In the recording, Milteer tells an informant the best way to get the president “is from an office building with a high powered rifle.” Asked if he was sincere about a plot of kill Kennedy, Milteer responded: “Oh yes. It’s in the works.”

Despite the threat and possibility of a conspiracy to assassinate the president, the FBI and Secret Service allowed Kennedy to travel to Dallas. “[They] should have stopped the President from traveling instantly,” said Adams.

Also in 2007, former CIA agent and Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt admitted in an audio recording that he was approached to be part of a CIA assassination team to kill JFK. The tape was released by the late Hunt’s son, Saint John Hunt, and aired on the Coast to Coast radio show in April, 2007.

“E. Howard Hunt names numerous individuals with both direct and indirect CIA connections as having played a role in the assassination of Kennedy, while describing himself as a ‘bench warmer’ in the plot. Saint John Hunt agreed that the use of this term indicates that Hunt was willing to play a larger role in the murder conspiracy had he been required,” writes Paul Joseph Watson.

In his audio confession, the late E. Howard Hunt said Morales and Lyndon Johnson were involved in the plot to kill JFK. Hunt said the code name for the assassination operation was “The Big Event.”

Johnson’s former mistress, Madeleine Duncan Brown, told author Robert Gaylon Ross prior to her death in 2002 that Johnson was involved in the murder, a plot that had its origins in the 1960 Democratic Convention, where John F. Kennedy was elected as presidential candidate with Johnson as his running mate. Johnson, according to Brown, colluded with oil tycoon H. L. Hunt to have Kennedy eliminated. “It was a total political crime and H.L. Hunt really controlled what actually happened to John Kennedy — he and Lyndon Johnson,” said Brown. “It was a political crime for political power.” Johnson had allegedly said on the night before the assassination: “Those SOBs will never embarrass me again.”FULL STORY

Thursday, August 26, 2010

And so, the breaking news . . .

Secretary of State Candidate Ruth Johnson Earns Independence Caucus Endorsement

Ruth Johnson has earned the endorsement of the I-Caucus in her bid to win the Republican nomination for Michigan Secretary of State.

The goal of Independence Caucus is to find, vet, endorse and then assist principled candidates.  Members nationwide vote on candidates after receiving their questionnaire and a lengthy interview process.  I-Caucus promotes limited government, fiscal responsibility, and adherence to Constitutional authority.

The goal of I-Caucus members is to bring government control and accountability back to the people, remove the influence and control of "big money" special interest groups, and to hold our representatives accountable to their promises and principles.

Ruth Johnson responded to the endorsement saying, "It is an honor to have earned the confidence of the members of I-Caucus.  As a pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, and pro-Constitution candidate, my core values are very much in line with those promoted by the I-Caucus.  This is truly an honor." FULL STORY

Time Magazine Interviews Bob Schulz

Bob Schulz

Report and Update - Time Magazine Interviews Bob Schulz

National Collective Consciousness Call
Educating the Public on:
9/11 Truth, North American Union, CFR and Mainstream Media

(week 165)
Thursday 8-26-2010 9pm (eastern) 8pm (central) 7pm (mountain) 6pm (pacific)

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Sharing and spreading the Articles of Freedom: A Profound Plan to Save the Constitution!

Bob Schulz, Chairman/Founder We The People Foundation For Constitutional Education, We The People Congress

Continental Congress 2009 Jekyll Island Project We The People Foundation We The People Congress

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"What in the World are They Spraying?" - Official Trailer

The Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Coverup

Produced by G. Edward Griffin,
Michael Murphy, and Paul Wittenberger

There are many dramatic video clips of chemtrails on the Internet, and your innate intelligence tells you that what you see in the sky is not caused by mere vapor trails from jet aircraft, but no one yet has probed the questions: WHO is doing this and WHY. All of that is about to change. The Reality Zone is producing a documentary scheduled for release in October.We are working with two young journalistic film makers, Michael Murphy and Paul Wittenberger who already are far advanced in the development of this incredible story. FULL STORY

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Want Your Money Trailer

From our Friends at Motive Entertainment....we are working together to ensure the success of this film being accessible and seen by America!
I Want Your Money opens in theaters nationwide this October, at the height of election season. I trust that you feel as passionately about the future of our great nation as we do. Our national debt is over $13 trillion and climbing higher every second.

YOU CAN HELP! Please take a few moments to read more about the film at

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lies and Unction

by Jeff Snyder

I have waited and waited thinking that surely someone, somewhere would blurt out the obvious riposte to this Presidential claim, and point out the awful significance of the truth, but to date, I have not seen it. So I feel I simply must say it now, or burst.

We will never be asked again to foot the bill for Wall Street’s mistakes? Again? Hey Congress and President, here’s a dose of truth for you! We weren’t asked to bail out Wall Street the first time! There was absolutely nothing voluntary about it. The financial system threatened a complete meltdown only about two years ago, and I still remember exactly what happened. You and the private banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve just bailed it out. In fact, I pretty clearly recall that when then Treasury Secretary and ex-Goldman Sachs CEO Hank Paulson was demanding $700 billion in TARP funds from Congress, making threats that Americans would turn feral if the banking system collapsed and warning Congress that it would have to declare martial law, the American public, which wasn’t asked but which freely volunteered its opinions anyway, disapproved of the bailouts about 99 to 1. I also recall that the American people overwhelmingly opposed the bailout of General Motors as well, but you did it anyway. So Obama, thanks for the reassurance and the noble pledge, if that’s what you think they are, but I’m not really losing any sleep worrying about whether I’ll be asked again to foot the bill for Wall Street’s "mistakes," because I know that asking and listening to the public are absolutely no part of the process. We are the ones who pay. That pretty well sums up our entire role in the system. FULL STORY

Freedom Watch 08/11/10

Gerald Celente joins Goldseek Radio to discuss his latest trend forecasts

Recovery? How About 'Relapse'?

by Gerald Celente

With private sector jobs being lost, incomes declining and tax bases shrinking, the increases in government spending were both unsustainable and destructive. More was being spent by the government than earned by the private sector. Not only were taxes not covering expenses, impoverished states with insufficient cash on hand to meet obligations were holding back tax refund checks!

Note: Who, other than government, could pull off such a stunt – issuing IOUs to be paid when convenient? Taxpayers and borrowers who are unable to meet their obligations lose houses, have paychecks garnished and assets seized. Students, saddled with massive loans (often $100,000 or more), earning meager wages or unemployed – and prevented from declaring bankruptcy by the prolender federal law – become indentured servants. FULL STORY

The Bond Market Is Signaling Trouble Ahead

by Claus Vogt 08-18-10

The Stock Market Is on the Verge of a Break Down

The most likely scenario now is a breakout below the lower boundaries of this topping formation — below the 1,010 level the S&P 500 reached on July 1. Such a move would definitely make clear that April’s high was THE high for the huge bear market rally that started in March 2009.

The Bond Market Confirms This Bearish View

Both the bond market and the stock market are to some degree leading indicators. But the bond market is said to be the smarter one because bond traders are generally more vigilant in looking for trends in the economy.

Already the bond market is conveying an important economic message …  FULL STORY

Ron Paul WILL Run For President in 2012 - Report from Florida Liberty Summit

Ron Paul is planning to run against Obama in 2012, this is a tip from an insider known as "The Collins," a hard core activist with connections to the Pauls.
The Collins is definitely trying to cause a ruckus, but this tip was confirmed over the weekend at the Florida Liberty Summit in Orlando.
Start getting involved in your local GOP
Start building your contact lists
Start working your precincts
Start going door to door
Ron Paul WILL BE running in 2012!
(barring any unforeseen circumstances)
You heard it here first, and you heard it from me

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Founder of was a former director of the Dallas Federal Reserve

Brian D. Hill 
August 16, 2010

Investigative Journalism of possible Super Rich pushed Fraudulent schemes by Brian D. Hill. I won’t allow the Fair Tax if it’s another scheme to take more money from the middle class and the working poor. I am tired of the super rich stealing from the people.

I had my suspicions over the Fair tax proposal because the Bilderberg’s have used false messiahs, Environmentalism, incrementalism, and anything to push American citizens into socialism not to mention anything I do to attack the fair Tax Trap gains me lots of negative comment attacks.

So I got even more suspicions because I haven’t received this many attacks since the Bilderberg Group hand picked the false messiah and puppet Barack Obama to become the next president and many attacking me on YouTube over my anti Obama videos. So then I have decided to do a little investigative journalism on and did background checks on all of the High Ups of

According to my investigation Leo E. Linbeck Jr. the Founder of used to be apart of Duke Energy’s Board of Directors and he is a past chairman and director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Texas. FULL STORY

Source Links:

Fair tax is a trap: Demand NO vote on H.R. 25

By: Devvy
August 9, 2010

In order to understand why H.R. 25 is just another tool of tyrants, you have to go back and see where and when the problem started. Prior to 1913, we had no federal income tax. There was no unconstitutional "Federal" Reserve Banking system and there was no Seventeenth Amendment. This nation thrived in agriculture, manufacturing and industrial output.

In order to fully understand the truth about these fake "solutions" (fair tax, flat tax), you have to do the research. Those taxing schemes are nothing new, but it appears there is big money behind getting that bill passed and we must stop it. If Congress wanted to get rid of the income tax, they could have done it decades ago. The Republicans had control of Congress from January 1995 - December 2006. All they did was continue spending us into unpayable debt. And, yes, the debt is unpayable, and if you think the U.S. won't default on its debt, you are ignoring the hard, cold facts.

Once Americans began to understand the ludicrous hype in Boortz' argument, out came another book to "clarify" the lies:

"Boortz is right. There are some eye-opening new insights unique to this sequel. Like the disclosure that you might "owe more in taxes in the first year of a Fair Tax system than you do today."[1] Or the admission that "the Fair Tax could be even more progressive than our current system."[2] Or the confession that the "implementation of the Fair Tax doesn't mean complete annihilation of the IRS."[3] Or the proposal that "a procedure should be set up in the Treasury Department to collect taxes on Internet and catalog sales, remitting the state and local governments' share to them."[4]  FULL STORY

Eight Unbreakable Rules for Hard-Core Tea Party Activists (or Any Other Special-Interest Coalition)

Here are ten facts of American national politics that you must understand to get meaningful change.

1. You can't beat something with nothing.

2. 80% of politicians respond only to two things: (1) fear; (2) pain.

3. Bureaucrats (tenured) respond only to one thing: budget cuts.

4. Political reform never comes as long as the tax money flows in.

5. The #1 goal is to reduce the government's funds, not re-direct them.

6. Congress's club system sucks in 80% of new members by term #2.

7. Politicians listen to their peers, not to their constituents.

8. Money from the government buys off most voters.

9. Most citizens care little about politics and know less.

10. This gives influence to organized swing-vote blocs.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Reader Response Requested.

Please read the comment by Travllrs and then my comments below. Reader Comments are Requested.

travllrs has left a new comment on your post "Fair Tax & Senate Bill S-510": 

Rose, first off, thank you for all your hard work in bringing many important bits of information to our attention. I salute you, and it is why I keep in touch with your blog.

The assaults on our Liberty are many-tentacled, and they involve cooperation and coordination between governments, central banks, and multi-national corporations. They also involve overwhelming the citizenry with attempts to limit Liberty via increased regulation and legislation, fomenting alarm, even panic, which generates anger and resentment.

Once anger and resentment take over, rational analysis of solutions is often impossible. This, in turn, foments argument within patriot ranks, confuses many, divides us, and pits us against each other, keeping us from effectively channeling our energies in a united fashion to effectively dismantle the "puzzle palace" operations, piece by piece.

The income tax, and its system of coercive and intrusive collection, places ALL of us at risk. The system is purposely debilitating by virtue of the needless wasted hours it puts us to in order to stave off the constant threat of mounting financial (interest, penalties) and emotional harm - even to the point of suicide! (BTW, I read somewhere that no stat's are kept on IRS collections that result in the death of the taxpayer being pursued.)

Access to cash flow, through withholding from worker paychecks, together with the ability to require compliance under threat, is but a part of the puzzle as to how the government / political class conducts in subversive mission - but IT IS AN IMPORTANT PART. Put simply, the FairTax is an important citizen-initiated initiative which focuses on "following the money." If successfully enacted, the FairTax enables We, the People, to regain control of when, how, and how much we pay "da Man," and - as Daar has previously discussed - provides options to protest Congressional spending that currently do not exist (see his Comments, elsewhere, under FAIR TAX DEBATE at left margin).

To summarize: Though the FairTax does not directly deal with these other "tentacles" that we ALL are alarmed about, (spending, subversion through un-Constitutional laws and regulations), successfully instituting the FairTax as a replacement to the income tax, removes a key "control and command" center used by the government against us.

The thing that I fear most is that patriots will become so overwhelmed with the "many-tentacled assault," that they'll be unable to know how to "process" relationships among them, and so will be ineffective in their fight against these initiatives. This is currently happening, and is demonstrated repeatedly here on your blog. Patriots - like yourself - ought to be very vigilent, and try to steer clear from using emotionally-charged, angry epithets in regard to any initiative that addresses such a key part of the puzzle. If you can rationally present logic for opposition - point by point - so each point can be examined, this would be helpful. (Daar has tried to do this, but it seems that his points are just dismissed without further inquiry or examination - on point.)

It you continue to just refuse to listen to reason - and you fail to use reason to demonstrate either why your beliefs are correct - OR INCORRECT, you'll ultimately lose credibility, readers and support. You also stand to hurt the cause of Liberty when those, who placed their trust in your judgement, realize that it has been misplaced and they they respond with resignation.

As all my readers can see, Travllrs has attacked my credibility on the issue of the Fair Tax and Senate Bill S-510. Now I thought I used logic to educate all of you why the Fair Tax isn't Fair or any better than the present system, however, Travllrs, Daar Fisher and the rest of the EVEIL Fair Tax Promoters seem to just dismiss the facts.

Fact 1 - SATURDAY, AUGUST 14, 2010
Wheat Soars; Rogers Sees 'Much Higher' Food Prices

Fact 2 - Unemployment's true number is at around 16% as reported tonight by Glenn Beck.

Fact 3 - The only rising wage in this country is government employees. IRS agents, Treasury employees, Social Security employees, FBI, CIA, Teachers, County, State, City employees. The privet sector is seeing a decline in wages/benefits. Most people are having to work two jobs and still can't keep their heads above water.

Fact 4 - Elderly who are living on a fixed income cannot afford the coming hyper-inflation that Jim Rogers is predicting will hit sometime within the next few months. The Fair Tax not only taxes food, it taxes doctor visits, hospital stays, medication and the boy who may cut your grass.

Fact 5 - It's a given that this Senate will pass S-510 just as they passed the Health Care and Stimulus Bills that no one want's. This bill takes away our Right to grow our own food, share, trade or sell homegrown food.

So, is there anyone of my readers who don't understand these as being credible reasons to reject the Fair Tax?

The great American fraud factory

William K. Black pulls back the curtain

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fair Tax & Senate Bill S-510

The Fair Tax places a tax on Food, and eliminates taxes on CORPORATIONS. The promoters of the Fair Tax will tell you if you don't want to pay the tax, just grow your own FOOD. If you really want to understand why this Fair Tax is EVIL and the people who are promoting it are not your friend, they are your enemy, just read the Food Safety Enhancement Act and watch these very important videos explaining the GLOBAL AGENDA.

It all makes perfect sense to me now why there is such a deceptive push to get the right people in place here in Michigan who will pass this Fair Tax on us. Be very careful who you support this November.

HISTORY: H.R. 2749: Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009
SPONSOR: Rep. John Dingell [D-MI15] (Gubernatorial Candidate Rick Snyder donated to John Dingell's Campaign in 2003, 2006, and 2008.)
Diana DeGette [D-CO1]
Frank Pallone [D-NJ6]
Bart Stupak [D-MI1]
Betty Sutton [D-OH13]
Henry Waxman [D-CA30]

S. 510: FDA Food Safety Modernization Act

SPONSOR: Sen. Richard Durbin [D-IL]
Lamar Alexander [R-TN]
Jeff Bingaman [D-NM]
Richard Burr [R-NC]
Roland Burris [D-IL]
Saxby Chambliss [R-GA]
Christopher Dodd [D-CT]
Michael Enzi [R-WY]
Kirsten Gillibrand [D-NY]
Judd Gregg [R-NH]
Thomas Harkin [D-IA]
Orrin Hatch [R-UT]
John Isakson [R-GA]
Edward Kennedy [D-MA]
Amy Klobuchar [D-MN]
Ben Nelson [D-NE]
Tom Udall [D-NM]
David Vitter [R-LA]

Food Laws

State Imposed Violence

Corporate Rule

Reclaiming Economy

Globe: Birthplace Cover-up

Obama and Holder taking on Arizona's SB1070

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wheat Soars; Rogers Sees 'Much Higher' Food Prices

The July rise in wheat prices, the fastest in 51 years, indicates that shortages in agriculture are coming, Jim Rogers, chairman of Rogers Holdings, told Tuesday.

Wheat prices in Europe hit their highest level in two years, rising almost 50 percent since late June as Russia's wheat crop was affected by drought.

"That's the straw that broke the camel's back," Rogers, who has been warning about shortages coming in the agriculture sector for a while, said in a telephone interview.

"We're going to have much, much higher prices over the next few years," Rogers, a hedge-fund pioneer who started the Quantum Fund with George Soros in the 1970s, added.

Investors finally began to realize that prices for agricultural commodities have been too low for too long because of subsidies and other factors, which made agriculture an unattractive area for workers, he explained.

"Be prepared, if you have a sugar bowl home go fill it up because it's going to be more expensive," he said. FULL STORY

I have been following financial news since 2005 and have been hearing about the coming food shortages for several years now. You can always tell when it's close because that's when our wonderful media finally picks up on the story. Of course most people look at you like your some kind of nut case until they hear it on one of the main stream news outlets. By then, it's usually to late for them to take it seriously and prepare.

But those of us who did take it seriously are busy stocking our shelves with home canned and dehydrated goodies. So, if your wondering why I haven't been posting lately, it's cause I've been canning and will be for the next couple of months.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dennis Lennox facing restored campaign finance violation charge; Embezzlement count added

CHEBOYGAN — The Cheboygan County Prosecuting Attorney's Office re-filed a misdemeanor campaign charge against Cheboygan County Drain Commissioner Dennis Lennox and former 105th State House candidate, alleging that Lennox used political events to fulfill court-ordered community service.

Cheboygan County Prosecutor Daryl Vizina said in a press release today that Lennox turned in a community service log detailing 36 hours of service. But, Vizina said, "the majority of the hours submitted consisted of various political or campaign events, such as distributing information for the Republican Party and coordinating a local Tea Party political rally."

Vizina said "in light of the fact that Lennox was campaigning for election as the state representative for the 105th district," he does not believe they constitute community service "by any reasonable understanding of that term." FULL STORY

Resolution Passed to Ban Lindsey Graham in the Greenville County GOP, SC 02AUG10

Please join 500,000 SC VOTERS WHO PLEDGE TO DUMP LINDSEY GRAHAM IN 2014!/group.php?...
Resolution Passed to Ban Lindsey Graham in the Greenville County GOP, SC
The resolution reads:

Whereas, United States Sen. Lindsey Graham has cast votes in the United States Senate in favor of TARP, which all but guarantees an increase in the national debt and expansion of the federal government.

Whereas, Sen. Graham has voted in favor of two of President Obama's nominees to the United States Supreme Court, who possess questionable qualifications and very liberal beliefs that are contrary to the United States Constitution.

Whereas, Sen. Graham has promoted amnesty for illegal aliens, and continues to promote this premise under the guise of "Comprehensive Immigration Reform."

Whereas, by these and other votes, Sen. Graham has abandoned the Republican platform:
Limited Government;
Capitalism and the Free Market System;
Original Intent of the Constitution;
The Appointment of Conservative Federal Judges and Justices to the United States Supreme Court; and Fiscal Responsibility.

And, whereas, both locally and nationally, Sen. Graham has repeatedly demonstrated contempt and arrogance towards those members of the Republican Party who support these core Republican beliefs;

Therefore, be it resolved, the Greenville County Republican Party hereby issues this formal rebuke of Sen. Graham for his cooperation and support of President Obama and the Democratic Party's liberal agenda for the United State.

Further, be it resolved that Sen. Graham will no longer be invited to attend and participate in meetings or other events sponsored by the Greenville County Republican Party.
Resolved this 2nd day of August 2010 at the regularly scheduled meeting of the Greenville County Republican Party Executive Committee.