Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eight Unbreakable Rules for Hard-Core Tea Party Activists (or Any Other Special-Interest Coalition)

Here are ten facts of American national politics that you must understand to get meaningful change.

1. You can't beat something with nothing.

2. 80% of politicians respond only to two things: (1) fear; (2) pain.

3. Bureaucrats (tenured) respond only to one thing: budget cuts.

4. Political reform never comes as long as the tax money flows in.

5. The #1 goal is to reduce the government's funds, not re-direct them.

6. Congress's club system sucks in 80% of new members by term #2.

7. Politicians listen to their peers, not to their constituents.

8. Money from the government buys off most voters.

9. Most citizens care little about politics and know less.

10. This gives influence to organized swing-vote blocs.


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