Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Will Michigan Fair Tax if passed bring JOBS to Michigan?

My answer to that question is a big fat


In spite of what the Michigan Fair Tax promoters promise about jobs, lets take a look at the real reason that companies are moving operations off shore.

I have three (3) articles here that tell the real reasons. It's the cost of employees benefits along with the failing Federal Reserve Notes commonly referred to as "The Dollar"

My first article is about Amway moving it's financial centers to Costa Rica.

Confidential memo shows Amway could move hundreds of West Michigan jobs to Costa Rica

The Ada-based direct seller on Oct. 5 told employees it was moving finance functions currently handled locally to a new "enterprise process center" in Costa Rica.

Other centers are planned for central Europe and Asia that will affect operations in those regions.

"This move will have a substantial impact on current finance positions in North America, Latin America and Europe, though specific impact and numbers will not be clear for six to eight weeks," a fact sheet provided to employees said. FULL STORY

Does the Michigan Fair Tax address this issue? No, and it will not stop Amway or any other company from moving it's financial departments off shore. But then, isn't this what Peter Schiff is telling them to do in his 'RED ALERT" below? Move your money off shore and out of the "Dollar"?

Next we have Ford Moter Company and the U.A.W.

How many times have you heard in the last 30 years, when making a decision for a career, to go for the benefits. Never mind about your real interests, pick something that will get you into a company that offers the best benefits.

Now that baby boomers are starting to retire from those companies, and the economy is failing, companies are finding it harder to pay out what has been committed to and continue to offer the same to the present workforce.

Union Votes Go Against Cuts at Ford

Members of at least five local chapters of the United Automobile Workers union have turned down the proposed changes, which include a six-year wage freeze for newly hired workers, some job-classification changes and a provision that bars the union from striking over demands for better pay and benefits through 2015.

Ford, the only one of the three Detroit automakers to avoid bankruptcy this year, says it needs the modifications to remain competitive with General Motors and Chrysler, whose workers agreed to similar deals in the spring. Compared to its crosstown rivals, Ford has been surging.

Only about a third of the locals representing Ford’s 41,000 union workers had finished voting by Tuesday, but already the potential for successful ratification was diminishing unless U.A.W. leaders could quickly contain growing opposition among rank-and-file members.

At Ford’s largest assembly plant, where nearly 4,000 workers build pickup trucks and small sport utility vehicles near Kansas City, Mo., 92 percent voted against the deal, according to results posted on the Local 249 Web site. Workers at five plants in Michigan also have voted it down. FULL STORY

Does anyone here believe that passing the proposed Michigan Fair Tax will solve Ford's problems? I say it won't because the Fair Tax doesn't address these issues which are the cause of lost jobs in Michigan.

Not only are the UNIONS responsible for creating this mess, but by their lobbing for legislation mandating that employers offer health care, they have given the Insurance Companies a monopoly forcing the cost of insurance and health care to go sky hi. But, who want's to talk about that?

The third article deals with the Michigan Budget cuts on Education.

This is an Editorial published today in the Muskegon Chronicle.

Editorial: Lawmakers: Fund education now

Now, comes Gov. Granholm with another $127 per-pupil cut because of failing tax revenue. She also cut $51 million in extra funds for 39 wealthier districts. Some say this is a political maneuver. Whatever it is, no effort is being made to fund education by cutting something else or raising taxes largely because of irresponsible, partisan politics.

In response, the State Board of Education in an emergency meeting Monday called on local districts to continue working on Project ReImagine, an initiative to find “bold, innovative ideas” that will cut costs and improve education at the pre-K-12 level.

“We’re looking at the new 3 Rs,” said state Superintendent of Public Instruction Mike Flanagan, who chairs the State Board meetings, in a prepared release. “The solution will be a mix of revenues, reforms and reductions. We need all three.” FULL STORY

The other day I had a neighbor who is a substitute teacher complain to me that these cuts are really hurting. The schools can no longer afford to keep playground attendants and now teachers have to monitor the playgrounds. Guess what, before the teachers union, parents volunteered or the teachers did it. But as my neighbor informed me, they can't have parents volunteer anymore. WHY? Well, we are all potential child molesters. Shame on all of us.

The article goes on to say:

We say no more. One of the basic responsibilities of state government is to fund education, along with public safety, public welfare and roads.

Call or write your legislators today and demand that they properly fund schools. If they ask for your ideas, suggest expanding the sales tax to cover more items and services. If you don’t like that idea, ask for cuts in legislative pay and benefits, effective immediately; or cut the credits to movie companies doing business here; or allow sales of alcohol before noon on Sunday. Even all these options combined will not raise the money needed, however.

What the writer doesn't mention is cutting ADMINISTRATIVE COST so that the money per student goes to educate the student instead of, yup, you guessed it, BENEFITS!!!

Again, these are issues that the Fair Tax supporters ADMIT the Fair Tax doesn't address. So what will the Fair Tax do? It will raise more revenue for the state so that the state can keep the status quo. You still have to register with a SS# to get a prebate which is a Constitutional Violation of your Right to Privacy.

The mere fact that the Fair Tax will show people how much they are paying, just isn't enough of a reason for me to support this Amendment of our Michigan Constitution.


Daar said...

To quote your false information:

"So what will the Fair Tax do? It will raise more revenue for the state so that the state can keep the status quo."

More misinformation: The MI FairTax is intended to be revenue neutral. Now that's not because we support massive, and unnecessary spending by Lansing, but because that's the next "chapter" in the fight of restoring the Michigan Republic to the people. Get people's attention on spending will be much easier when we eliminate a system that penalizes someone if they go into business and hires a new employee. Also, as a "tax-free zone" (no more business income tax, payroll tax compliance cost, personal property tax on business equipment, no more 6 mil state education tax on business - all of which WE'RE paying as a hidden consumer tax in higher prices), Michigan will be infinitely more attractive to business start-ups than its neighboring states.

The MI FairTax is one - but the KEY - part of bringing economic recover to Michigan. It unifies "We, the People," shifts focus from internecine warfare between Michigan's socio-economic classes (tax code pits poor against rich) to a unified, "How are you spending our money, Lansing?" and then prohibits any change in the FairTax rate unless approved by a vote of those who pay it - We, the People.

No, your venom, Rose, against a transparent FairTax system that puts Lansing on the spending side of the family ledger, is what sustains the progressively destructive status quo we're deep in the midst of.

You're not going to bring businesses, jobs, and families back to Michigan unless we ACT to SCRAP the Marxist income tax system that fuels tax favors for the few at cost to the many (by and between corrupt politicians and lobbyists who are there because the income tax code exists).

Rose said...

Daar said...

"No, your venom, Rose, against a transparent FairTax system that puts Lansing on the spending side of the family ledger, is what sustains the progressively destructive status quo we're deep in the midst of."

No need to be nasty and try to make me out to be a monster Daar.

I am simply exercising my RIGHT of FREE SPEECH and expressing my opinion on MY blog. I have been very fare in allowing you to comment and offer your side.

If anything Daar, you are the one spitting venom every time someone who doesn't agree with you speaks up.

Daar, please lay off Stacy, it's not her problem, it's yours.

Daar said...

(Part 1 of 2) - Specific examples of Rose & Company's "venom"

Let me provide you with ample examples of "anti-FairTax venom" (read: lies and insults) you spew (and condone, as represented by permitting others to publish rude and false statements) - using JUST ONE anti-FairTax post and the Comments that followed. Specifically,

10/2/2009 10:48p "But, I suppose you and Ian get well paid to sell your snake oil. You can call it medicine but it's still snake oil in that bottle." [False. Next time you feel like saying something false about us - to spitefully paint us in a bad light without regard to how your own integrity may be impugned - why don't you check your facts by asking me first. In so doing, you'll conduct yourself as a person with some moral compass.]

10/3/2009 10:41a (Unalienable) "Me-est thinkist that Darr needs to be run out of town on a rail after a good flogging." [Spitefulness toward another Patriot.]

10/3/2009 11:22a (Mac) "All the Fair tax does is change the way governmen extorts money from you." [False. How? Under FairTax the PURCHASER decides when, and how, s/he pays the tax - on their own timetable. Average wage-earning family will never encounter a state revenue agent. Mac apparently just likes to throw around the word, "extort."]

October 3, 2009 4:53 PM "You keep arguing taxing method as if we agree with one or the other." [Absurdly false. Really a rational person must question your state of mind, as the underlying basis of the extensive FairTax Debate you've undertaken is taxing consumption vs ending the income tax, replacing it with nothing, then pretending that taxes placed on goods will not be ultimately paid by consumers!!]

October 4, 2009 9:43 AM (To Geo. Dunn) "It is Big Money and Big Government who is behind the Fair Tax." [Absurdly False. If that were true, HR 25 wouldn't be rotting in the US House Ways & Means Committee. And, here in Michigan, we'd be mass-marketing this message, because we'd have had the dollars, already. Duh.]

October 4, 2009 9:43 AM (To Geo. Dunn) "What you and Daar are pushing for is to relieve Wall Street and Tax Main Street." [False. They're already being bailed out by the Federal Reserve. Go bitch at them. FairTax eliminates tax loopholes for the wealthy.]

October 4, 2009 1:20 PM "[Daar, you] Attack someone who is trying to get a new business started and ignore the fact that your Fair Tax will sabotage those attempts." [False. No attack intended, only an observation. The current system "sabotages" new business start-ups by penalizing new young business-owners when they employ someone new, and when they buy new OR used equipment to upgrade their operations. The consumer ends up paying higher prices because the cost of tax compliance is passed through. The FairTax ends hiding taxes in higher prices, and instead, makes the true tax cost visible. The FairTax respects the fact that it's the consumer who is the ultimate payer of all taxes, the consumer should know HOW MUCH s/he is ACTUALLY paying, and should have APPROVAL on any FairTax rate increase, as per the MI proposal.]

October 4, 2009 6:41 PM (Posted for David Lonier) "My point is that, the argument that "government needs money to fund public services" may not be valid. Just maybe... the money we pay in taxes (whether claimed to be "FAIR" or otherwise) does not serve those who pay, no matter by what method it is taken from us." [False, as it relates to the State of MI. Income taxes do go to provide gov't services.]

Daar said...

(Part 2 of 2) - More examples of Rose & Company's "venom"

October 5, 2009 9:07 AM (Posting for Ruth Harper of the American Opinion Bookstore) "Thank you for nailing my friend Don Jakel on his willing participation in a deception! [Hurtfully False. Attempts to villify DJ and assume that he has acted in "bad faith" in participating in the debate. Why would you post this, Rose? Do you want to discourage people from participating on your blog, in good faith?]

October 5, 2009 1:11 PM (Unalienable) "Me-est Thinketh that ye are trying to sell false benefits too greatly, as we have noticed that your material and website display no corporations who are ready to reduce their fees for their products and services when your new unconstitutional law passes." [Misrepresents my "good faith" intent and misleads through False Assumptions. FairTax imputes no law upon Corporations' fees or prices. MI FairTax will mean a return of business to MI, increase competition, which will effect reduced prices.]

October 7, 2009 1:08 PM (Unalienable to Federalistvisions) "I write now to take contention with your false belief that the Federal and State Governemnts can tax." [Absurdly False. Congress may raise Revenues through taxes. So can states. We, the People pay all taxes. If an excise is placed on a product, the consumer ends up paying it in the price of the purchase of the goods upon which, or on account of which, the excise or duty was laid.]

And ALL of the above occurred on account of JUST ONE of your anti-FairTax postings, Rose.

And, now, more of your venom from immediately above...

October 28, 2009 3:51 PM "No need to be nasty and try to make me out to be a monster Daar." [Impugning my character through false accusation. I'm guessing that what you've said above, and the lies and hurtful misrepresentations that you permit to be published, must be affecting your conscience; but, if true, you cannot even deal with that-- you have to attribute it to me!

October 28, 2009 3:51 PM "I am simply exercising my RIGHT of FREE SPEECH and expressing my opinion on MY blog." [False. You may wish to convince yourself of that. But what's above tells the story. You're interested in perpetuating lies and insults, and you're happy to permit those persons who "like your style" to do the same. Why, you'll even post such things for others who request it of you.]

October 28, 2009 3:51 PM "If anything Daar, you are the one spitting venom every time someone who doesn't agree with you speaks up." [False. I try, hard, to stay on point and discuss the issue without "taking it personal."]

And, finally . . .

October 28, 2009 3:51 PM "Daar, please lay off Stacy, it's not her problem, it's yours." [Disrespects me, and implyies to your Readers that - in some undescribed manner, I'm mistreating "Stacy." Stacy who? Do your readers know who and what you're talking about? Are they supposed to read your mind? Does this respect your Readers? Or, did you just add this non-descript, negative little tidbit to paint me as some sort of gangsta to make yourself appear as some sort of Angelic Guardian and Protector of "Stacy"? Did you get Stacey's permission to interject the use of her name in this reply? Is that respecting Stacey? Are you self-serving Rose? Do you - and your followers - need to prop yourselves up by tearing others down?]

I have attempted to clearly illustrate the venom (i.e., lies and insults) used in your (and your followers') anti-FairTax tactics. Your Readers must decide for themselves if you retain credibility on this issue.

Rose said...


what the readers are interested in are the pros and cons to this Fair Tax Amendment. Most I've found that thought they supported it hadn't read it for themselves until I started encouraging them to do so.

Every person I've talked to does not want a tax on food and medicine in this state.

The only thing you are right about is that people will be able to make an informed decision about the Fair Tax now.

But this trite of yours shows just how you will come out and attack anyone who dares to disagree with you and call them a lier while trying to damage their credibility.

You keep ignoring the fact that We The People (, exercised our First Amendment Protected Right and Petitioned for Redress, not once but twice. The Petitions to this day have gone unanswered.

Michigan's Income Tax is predicated on whether you owe Federal Income Tax.

That was one of the Petitions and until that gets answered, we are never going to agree to change one taxing method for another.

I understand you have a job to do to try and get this on the ballot for 2010. But it's your job Daar, not mine.

Transparency said...


I am a big fan-supporter of "Rose & Company" for one simple reason: the crew and passengers of We The People aboard the great ship USS American Republic which departed from the port of tyranny in 1776 have come down with scurvy.

"Rose & Company" has correctly diagnosed the ailment and is correctly recommending that we administer Vitamin C(onstitution) to bring the crew and passengers back to good health.

Meanwhile, "Daar & Company" continues to sell snake oil that ignores the scurvy while it attempts to cover-up the problem (violations of our Constitution within the fraud of the existing tax system).

Even worse, this "Fraud Tax" will give life to a massive government administrative collection apparatus that the oligarchs have been drooling to have installed to monitor every "point of sale" transaction in America.

The "Fraud Tax" will be Big Brother's dream come true and We The People will be the ones bending over getting screwed.

"Rose & Company" is doing a great service to Americans. "Rose & Company" is a lighthouse that is shining a beacon of hope and faith for a return to Constitutionally limited government and a rebirth of freedom and liberty what should become, once again, the Great American Republic.

Even Wikipedia wrote that "untreated scurvy is invariably fatal. Since all that is required for a full recovery is the resumption of normal vitamin C intake...."

Vitamin C(onstitution) works!

It's really that simple! We need a return to back to simple transparency and accountability to the Rule of Law in America.