Monday, October 5, 2009


Review your Michigan candidates at

Michigan will use Option-B, "Mail in voting".

Please Note: Notarized and sealed registrations, together with the completed Michigan Ballots, will be mailed to the CC2009 Election Headquarters in Austin, TX.

1. Go to your state's webpage on the website of the Continental Congress 2009 at

2. Click on the link to "CC2009: Election Ballot and Voting Instructions" to find
Voting Option B.

3. Download and print your Mail-In Registration Form AND Ballot.

4. Fill out the Mail-In Registration Form and sign it in the presence of a Notary Public. (Banks usually provide notary services to their customers at no charge.)

5. Mark your ballot with an ink pen. Do NOT use a pencil. NOTE: Any ballot with votes for more than three candidates will NOT be counted.

6. Fold your notarized Mail-In Registration Form and place it into a business letter envelope, seal it and write "REGISTRATION" on the front.

7. Fold your marked Mail-In Ballot and place it into a business letter envelope, seal it and write "BALLOT" on the front.

8. Put BOTH envelopes inside a larger envelope, seal it and write the correct P.O. Box address it as follows:

Continental Congress 2009
P.O. Box 41106
Austin, TX 78704

9. The larger envelope with your Registration Form and Ballot must be postmarked no later than October 10, 2009.

Please get these instructions and this address to all of your contacts.

Rick Butkowski
WTP CC2009 Michigan SC

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