Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pocket Constitutions for U.S. Army Soldiers


I received the following email at the inbox of the Daily Paul.

Dear Daily Paul:

I'm an Army 2LT at an AIT unit in Fort Sill Oklahoma. I've noticed that there is no training of Soldiers on the Constitution that they are sworn to defend. Although I cannot modify our Soldier's training schedule, I am in a position to give away pocket copies of the Constitution.

If your readers would like to donate pocket copies of the Constitution to U.S. Army Soldiers I can ensure that they will be distributed fairly. Our unit processes approximately 60 Soldiers a week. You can order Pocket Constitution - Citizens Rule Book HERE.

The address to send them to is:

Bravo Battery, 1st Battalion, 78th Field Artillery
428th Field Artillery Brigade
Fort Sill, Oklahoma 73503-6202

Until RJ Harris can get elected to congress and propose his bill to make constitutional training mandatory at basic training, this may be the best way to move forward. I would appreciate your support.

I must also ask that you understand I am NOT requesting a donation, but rather informing you that I can distrubte Constitutions to Soldiers. If you feel you can share some version of this on your website, I would appreciate it. Anonymity would be preferred, as well as re-stating that I am NOT asking for donations. I am merely hoping that the concerned citizens who want to make a difference are aware of an opportunity to make a difference.

Thank you.
- - - - - -

Can we help him out?


Thank You Michael for posting this on the DAILY PAUL

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Great stuff, Rose! Thanks for posting.