Friday, October 9, 2009

Recall meets resistance


The first notes of resistance to the idea of recalling the U.S. Senators has come in, and not surprisingly from people who have been in the Government Reformation Movement for many decades.

I. The first was from someone who thought we should physically go into the offices of the U.S. Senate and throw them out.

II. The Second was from someone who said that it is a meaningless effort as there are not enough people involved in the Reform Movement to accomplish this goal.

III. The Third was from a longtime alleged leader in the movement (more like a provocateur) who said that Louisiana and Wisconsin efforts in the past failed because the Federal Courts stated that there is no Constitutional provision to allow recall.

Well, to that person, and to the Courts I believe that along with the awakening of THE PEOPLE to who they are, and their willingness to press UNALIENABLE, it is time to re-examine the 9th Amending Article to the Constitution for the United States of America: FULL STORY

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