Wednesday, October 28, 2009

They will say you want a Civil War...

While some may find distasteful the reference to the two parties as Gangs who have blighted our Nation and reduced our Freedom to a shadow of an empty promise, it is clear that their mutual target has been our freedom, to give rise to their ever increasing power. The later I find very distasteful and treasonous. Our rediscovery of our Freedom, Power, and Liberty is the solution to the Class Warfare and eventual Civil War that they alone foment.

As for the title of this article, the “They” is the media and government, the “you” is the people like the Continental Congress who have an opportunity to press for an actual change in things for America.

This author has made clear his support for the efforts for a November 2009 Continental Congress. The idea of the Recall Petitions is hoped to be a central theme at this meeting of the elected Delegates from each state. FULL STORY

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