Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kid Vaccinated By Force and Now Suffering from Autistic

This little girl was taken out of the arms of her mother who didn't want her vaccinated, forcibly given vaccines, and ended up in critical condition that very day!

It is NOT the law that you must vaccinate your children (no matter what the doctor or schools tell you), and you can sign a form to make your child exempt.

The law states that schools must accept your children under 1 of 3 possible exemptions, depending on your state:

1. Religious - Vaccines are against your religion, no matter what religion your practice. You do not need to list a religion.

2. Philosophical - You don't believe in vaccines, you don't think they're safe, you don't think they've been tested enough, etc.

3. Medical - Your child has an autoimmune disease or had a negative reaction to a vaccine in the past.

Under such conditions it is dangerous to vaccinate a child and it states in the vaccine insert not to vaccinate under these circumstances, but doctors and nurses are NOT taught this so you must be firm!

Vaccinations are a school policy, NOT the LAW. If you choose not to vaccinate, the law is on your side. FROM FIGHTBACK H1N1

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Linda Hicks said...

This is so sad what has happened to these children. Vaccinations, and the terrible injury that they cause, should be outlawed. Many children may not display obvious adverse reactions, and they are lucky. The ones that do have a reaction are more sensitive and therefor display the signs and symptoms of the poisoning. If a man on the street assaults someone, or worse, shoots and kills someone, it is classified as criminal. So should these shots given for bigpharm profit.