Friday, October 2, 2009

Constitutional violations to be debated in St. Charles

Daily Herald
By James Fuller | Daily Herald Staff Published: 10/2/2009

St. Charles will be the site of Continental Congress 2009, an event organized by the not-for-profit We The People Congress.

We The People Chairman Bob Schultz said the gathering isn't just a teaching session about the Constitution. The congress will feature a discussion about some of the most contentious issues in the country. Beliefs generally accepted by delegates include:

• all personal income taxes are illegal under the Constitution

• the military engagement in Iraq is illegal without a war declaration by Congress

• using public money for the bailout of private companies is illegal

• the Patriot Act is an invasion of birth-given rights

• failures to enforce immigration laws are a violation of the president's constitutional duties

• the current president is possibly not a natural-born citizen and ineligible for office

• computerized ballots counted in secret are a violation of the right to know your vote has been accurately counted FULL STORY

God bless Ron Paul, Glenn Beck, Edwin Vieira and Bob Schulz.

Each is speaking out about our national suffering and distress, which all agree would never have happened had our elected officials obeyed our Constitution.

The Free People of America have been presented with three Plans to defend our constitutional republic: the Campaign For Liberty Plan (C4L), inspired by Ron Paul; the Committees of Safety Plan (CoS), championed by Edwin Vieira; and the Continental Congress 2009 Plan (CC 2009), championed by Bob Schulz.

Each Plan, if working in conjunction with the other Plans, will regain and maintain durable constitutional governance in America.

The C4L, CoS and CC 2009 Plans represent a complete set of activities needed to restore and maintain one's Rights, Freedoms and Liberties under the Constitution - that is, to bring to perfection durable constitutional governance carried out in decency and good order.

Standing alone, C4L, CoS and CC 2009 cannot both regain and maintain constitutional governance in America.

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