Sunday, October 4, 2009


Up until now, Fair Tax supporters have been giving their sales pitch on why we should want to relieve Wall Street of paying taxes and move on to a Consumption Tax that only serves the Global Elite. We already bailed them out to the tune of Trillions of $$$.

What we haven't had is an open honest public debate, UNTIL NOW. I have posted a link in my side bar so that we can keep the debate going. If the Fair Tax should end up on the ballot in 2010, it will be a very important issue and everyone needs to hear both sides of the debate.

The Sales Pitch is that it will bring more jobs to Michigan. Well that's only a promise that it MIGHT happen.

I haven't seen anywhere on the Fair Tax web site where WalMart's, any Insurance Co., Bank or any Corporation is promising to come here with more manufacturing job"s, or that if the Fair Tax is passed that they will reduce the price of their goods or services.


R. George Dunn said...

Truth of the MIchigan FairTax bringing jobs to Michigan is in the news constantly. A good example is the Movie companies being offered tax free haven to come to Michigan for creating the art. Every time a deal is struck to draw more business to Michigan, the State Government offers business tax or in truth production tax abatement. In doing so, the ever increasing socialist realm of Michigan is furthered by a demand of more taken from our wages and from business increasing our production costs, to which Michigan is near the highest in the Nation. And we wonder why our State is dying.

As to the uncontrolled spending of the Government, that is a separate issue from how the tax structure works. No matter what tax you have, the spending of the tax falls into a character issue. What we need to center on, along with repealing Big Government is how our economy is affected by taxation. Prior to free trade, our closed borders allowed for taxes being put in the cost of produce, but now we compete with the world and we no longer can afford the current tax structure on production. We need to move it to taxing imports equally with domestic goods.

Yes, end the Federal Reserve, end all unconstitutional spending, but also give us jobs, by making our work untaxed. With Michgian's SBT of 22%, and with the Federal Gov. taxing at about 22%, how does Michigan compete with imports. They don't. Pass the FairTax as well as reforming Government actions and you have the best world possible.

Rose said...

George, please use the link in the side bar labeled Fair Tax Debate to post your comments.