Saturday, February 27, 2010

Defunding the Progressive Welfare State

The American Republic by The Inhabitant

The Progressive political class knows well the current abomination implemented as the State and Federal Tax programs have become a morass administered corruptly under the color of law.

Unfortunately the Michigan Fair Tax Promoters have no comprehension to the history of the “income tax”, and other progressive fiscal (tax) programs that were implemented, not to fund the administrative welfare state, but to turn honest hardworking American State Citizens into controllable social resources.

The Michigan Fair Tax itself is predicated on first increasing the cost of small business and large business operations by increasing the “sales and use tax” about 3.75%. This fact alone is detrimental for it decreases the consumption of goods, by increasing the cost to the purchaser. Where in the State or Federal Constitution is the authority for the legislature to tax the private transaction between a seller and a purchaser? What empowers the State or the Federal Legislature to excise private transactions? Contrary to Michigan Fair Tax promoters there was no such thing as a sales tax imposed anywhere in America Prior to July 1, 1921. It was on this date, that the first retail sales tax in America was imposed by a State, and of all places, it was “by God West Virginia.” Ad Valorem Taxes prior to that date, were state and federal legislatively enacted excise taxes which are indirect taxes, imposed upon the manufacturer of goods. The Federal Legislature also imposed duties, and tariffs at the port of entry on goods which was part I of the Tariff Act of October 3, 1913. Part II of that Tariff Act expanded the Corporate Excise Tax of 1909 to include excising the accretion of wealth distributed by Persons, like the Union Pacific Railroad to a statutorily defined individual such as Frank Brushaber.

Retail consumption Taxes are a gross receipts tax, which is defined in Title 4 USCA Chapter 4 § 110c as an “INCOME TAX”. So it is very apparent the Fair Tax Promoters throughout America are promoting an income tax, yet claim it is a sales tax. Welcome to Alice’s Wonderland, where nothing is as others portend it may be. FULL STORY

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