Saturday, February 6, 2010

Homeland Security, we are poorer, not safer

Congressman Ron Paul tells Fox Business' David Asman that, thanks to the Department of Homeland Security, we are poorer, not safer.

Rolling in dough
It's boom-time for public employees

By Rich Lowry

For most Americans, the Great Recession has been an occasion to hold on for dear life. For public employees, it's been an occasion to let the good times roll.

The New York Times reports that state and local governments have added a net 110,000 jobs since the start of the recession, while the private sector's lost 6.9 million. The gap between total compensation of public and private workers has only widened during the downturn, according to USA Today. In 2008, benefits for public employees grew at a rate three times that of private employees.

These public-sector unions are flush with cash, politically connected and unabashedly self-interested. They are an active and growing conspiracy against the public fisc. The states where they are most powerful -- California and New York -- lumber toward insolvency. The federal government follows not far behind, on the kind of diet geese enjoy prior to becoming foie gras. FULL STORY

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wraft said...

I keep getting a 'runtime error' message when I try to connect to Jeff Dickstein's site He's the attorney in the Hirmer case, one issue of which was whether the IRS could get an injunction against Bill Benson. Alex Jones is claiming that is being censored.