Sunday, February 28, 2010

State’s Rights

The governmentally controlled schools no longer teach the history of the American Republic. Those who have no knowledge of what inspired our Founding Fathers to battle the administrative tyranny of the Britannic Majesty and his governmentally empowered ministers will not comprehend the State and Federal Political Class’s constitutional deceit.

Public Act 1 of 1936 substantiates the duplicity of the State Political Class. The State Political Class that sits under our State Capitol dome has enacted numerous state plans dating from Public Act 1 of 1936, from wherein they now receive over twelve billion dollars a year in federal funding to promote the administrative welfare state of tax and take.

The administrative welfare state employs fifty two thousand Michiganders, to dole out forty two billion dollars of our funds per year for the past four years, to administer the welfare of fewer than three hundred thousand people here in Michigan whose existence is dependent upon working Michiganders who are taxed, taxed, and taxed again.

The solution to overcoming this administrative welfare state of regulatory tyranny, sits under the State Capitol Dome. We need to inform the corrupted State Political Class, that enough is enough, and they shall reassert our State’s Sovereignty and Independence by statutorily repealing all the State Plans, and return forty two billion dollars a year back to the hands of Michiganders. Wherein then we have the charitable choice to support others, not to be coerced under the color of law to fiscally support state and federal administrative agencies that eat out our substance. FULL STORY

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