Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cleaning up Muskegon County Justice System

These are not isolated cases, this behavior has become the norm through out government today. Especially in our justice system where you, the employer have no rights from the moment you walk into that court building.

State Police begin investigation of Muskegon probation officers

By John S. Hausman | Muskegon Chronicle
February 03, 2010, 7:58PM

MUSKEGON — Michigan State Police detectives on Wednesday launched a criminal investigation into allegations of fraud by Ronald D. Malone, Muskegon County's chief probation officer, and another fired probation officer, Brandon Kantola.

The state police agreed to conduct the investigation after consulting with officials of 60th District Court and the Muskegon County Sheriff’s Office, according to Lt. David Roesler, commander of the state police Grand Haven post.

The outside agency is taking it over “in order to remove (Muskegon) County employees from being involved in the investigation,” Roesler said in a statement. Details of the allegations were not released.

Probation officer Ronald D. Malone was ordered to go on paid administrative leave Jan. 28. Fired a day earlier was probation officer Brandon Kantola. Both were escorted from the Michael E. Kobza Hall of Justice by sheriff’s deputies.

Both officers were involved in Muskegon County’s Sobriety Court, which recently won a two-year, $500,000 federal stimulus grant to expand the jail-diversion program.

That program involves intensive, court-supervised probation and oversight of participating criminal defendants, mostly people charged with driving while intoxicated. Malone, the county staffer who has overseen it since it was launched in 2006, has been described as the court’s main organizer and “architect.”

Meanwhile, the Muskegon County Sheriff’s Office has completed its criminal investigation of another fired county official, former Deputy Treasurer Dan Joslyn. It is seeking an arrest warrant, according to an assistant prosecutor.

Sheriff’s detectives have asked the Muskegon County Prosecutor’s Office to issue an arrest warrant for the county’s former second-ranking treasury official on a charge of embezzlement.

“A warrant request has been submitted by the sheriff’s department for embezzlement,” said Chief Assistant Prosecutor Brett Gardner. “We’ll be reviewing the investigation.”

In a third case of alleged corruption by a county employee, Muskegon County Sheriff’s detectives are investigating an employee of 14th Circuit Court’s Friend of the Court office, which handles child-support payments.

The female employee, whose name has not been publicly released, is suspected of stealing public funds. She was placed on administrative leave Friday and escorted from the courthouse by deputies.


Brent said...

Ottawa county Friend of Court is also corrupt. They abuse there power and do not follow the laws they do what they want and have an attitude that there God. The state police should check them out to. The Judges are corrupt because the more money they can suck out of you, the more money will go to there retirement fund.They used to be called case workers, now there called enforcement office, what does this tell you.As a father they have taken my rights away. If you do not believe me go to this site.

kellymkg said...

I am so glad I found YOU! I have wanted to start a citizens group in Muskegon county! The corruption must first be stopped on a local level before we can help this country. I have a story I would like to someday share in it's entirety. For now, my Friend of the Court nightmare.
In 2008, I went down to the Muskegon County FOC, I was $1200.00 short. I keep a spreed sheet for both the FOC and the relia card. After numerous phone calls, I asked to speak to my court specialist (I find this absolutely hilarious). After she came out to speak with me, I asked if we could sit down so I could show her, she snidely replied, "their is no need". She also told me that their was no mistake, that it must be with the relia card. I then requested to speak with her supervisor. At this point, she called security, and had me escorted out. I was not loud, obnoxious or anything. The following week my ex-husband came in with me, this time he brought in his receipts for payments me made. She simply told us we needed to hire an attorney if we wanted to get our funds. What?? I have had it with each and every one of these people down there. I think this is the most corrupt organization. I do believe Michigan is again the pioneer of the FOC system, like many other failing ideas.
We must take back the power or else we lose everything. If it isn't too late already.

Rose said...

Kelly, why don't you join our meetup at

kellymkg said...

Well, I guess I already did sign up, I left Michigan last spring to relocate, and had a series of very unfortunate events along the way, including getting rear-ended by a semi, which kept me stuck in Chicago for about four months. I am back here in West Michigan now and ready to be and stay involved. Thank you!