Saturday, February 13, 2010

BREAKING: Fort Worth 912 President comes out in support of and to the aide of Debra Medina!

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President Adrian Murray of the Fort Worth chapter of the "912 Project" [a.k.a. the Glenn Beck Project] relates Irish struggle against tyranny to the modern day fight.

I first met her last May at the Old South Pancake House in Fort Worth, which for reasons beyond me is a favorite meeting and dining place for local politicos. She spoke for 40 minutes or so and although her delivery was not yet refined she spoke with a truth of conviction and belief that resonated. I said to Renee when we left that I agreed with everything she has to say. Too bad she doesn't have a snowball's chance of winning, I said.

As the months passed we followed her and her message sharpened and became more refined as she gained confidence that her ideas were resonating with the people. We marveled as the crowds coming to hear her swelled from 25 or 50 to 100 to 200 to 1,000 or more. We found great joy as her poll numbers moved from nothing to 4% to 8% to 12% to 24%. She could actually do this, we began to believe. She could actually win.

Unfortunately, others had the same belief: This woman, this upstart, might actually win. But for them the feeling was not one of joy, no sense of triumph for the common man. It was one of fear. This was not part of the script. So she was drawn into an ambush and attacked. One only has to remember the story of another Irish hero, Michael Collins, to understand exactly what went on that day. The royalty must be preserved, the bloodlines must go on, no matter the cost.

So an alleged populist hero sold his soul in a Faustian compact with the power elite. He must be so proud. Sadly, such things happen all the time and history is rife with false icons. Welcome to reality. But we must never forget, painful though the lessons might be, that true belief begins first with self. Believe first in what you know is right and let your own instinct be your guide.

What do we do? Give up? Run away? Support the power elite? I think Granny O'Hagan would look down at me from heaven with a disapproving scowl and remind me of the song of Kevin Barry, that lad of eighteen summers whose death did free Ireland. Kevin Barry, too, was a Republican.

Adrian says..."If you're looking for me, you'll find me on the barricades surrounding Debra Medina."

Adrian Murray
President, Fort Worth 912 Project

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