Monday, February 15, 2010

Glenn Beck, Debra Medina, Tea Party's and Taxpayers In Revolt.

Glenn Beck, the self-proclaimed Patriot and Leader of the Freedom Movement seem to have forgotten some of the history lessons he has been giving on his TV show. He has forgotten how he stood in front of the camera in tears telling all of us to "Question with Boldness", because now, Glenn, you will find that your ratings can drop a lot faster than your rise to fame. I saw Fox trying to do damage control this weekend, sorry, it isn't going to work. Big mistake Glenn.

Debra Medina is offering Texas a choice, Freedom or the same ol Statism Quo.

statism |ˈstātˌizəm|
a political system in which the state has substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs : the rise of authoritarian statism.

Medina is offering Texans the RIGHT to completely own their own property without governments ability to confiscate it.

When the government has the ability to tax your personal property, then government can and will control your life. This is not the system that founded this country. It is the system that our founders fought against when they wrote and served the Declaration Of Independence.

I recommend everyone to read the book written by David T. Beito, "Taxpayers In Revolt" Tax Resistance During The Great Depression.

Maybe then you will understand why Medina is campaigning on the elimination of property taxes. And if she wins, guess what else will occur. How about all those permits for every little thing you want to do to your own property.

Now, if this happens, it means all across Texas the County and State Employees who work in these departments will get a pink slip.

WOW!!! Isn't that what Republican Candidates keep promising and we never get? Smaller Government and Lower Taxes.

So why would Glenn Beck feel the need to try and smear Debra Medina and her campaign? And look how Beck is treating her supporters, using a broad brush to paint them all as kooks and unpatriotic if they dare to "QUESTION WITH BOLDNESS" their government.

Beck has even attacked the Families of the Victims of 9/11 for their "QUESTIONS WITH BOLDNESS". So what's up with that?

I don't know about the rest of the people in this country, but I am really sick and tired of this type of dirty politics. I'm tired of being labeled as a nut case just because I dare to read both the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the state of Michigan.

I am tired of being told that the Bill of Rights doesn't matter, and that I have to accept whatever candidate the parties try to shove down our throat.

You want to see just how dirty this all gets, try joining either party, become a precinct delegate and bring up the Constitution. See just how quick they close their ranks and cut you out of any type of leadership roll within their little club. Been there and done that one.

Until the American people really take it upon themselves to get educated, and accept Freedom, this will just continue on and we will loose in the end. Either you want a Constitutional Republic and Rule of Law, or you want Socialism and The Mob Rule of Man.

Taxpayers in Revolt

The city of Vallejo, California has already filed for bankruptcy protection and two small towns northeast of San Francisco, Iselton and Rio Vista, are "consulting with bankruptcy lawyers," reports the Wall Street Journal. State Treasurer Bill Lockyer went as far as to say, "California’s fiscal house is burning down."

In Nevada, where the unemployment rate has hit a 25-year high of 8 percent, that state’s budget must be slashed from $6.8 billion over two years to between $5.4 and $5.8 billion. Compounding the problem is that the Silver State’s Public Employment Retirement System has lost $4 billion on its investments since July. NPERS has always claimed it is actuarially sound but that assumes a constant 8 percent return on its investments. No doubt the 19 percent loss the system has incurred the last few months will destroy these assumptions. FULL STORY


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