Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Untold History of Nullification:

If you have been watching Glenn Beck everyday at 5:00 pm EST, you would hear Glenn telling you that you need to go back and study the TRUE history of our Country.

After Glenn Beck's behavior today on his radio show, his blatant ambush of Debra Median, I'm seriously thinking that he needs to be taught a lesson. Like maybe a drop in ratings.

Normally, I would just post a video or articles here for you to read because I'm not really any type of journalist or authority of anything. I'm just a Grandmother and was a Stay At Home Mom for most of my life. But I have found that I had a very different education as a child than most of my peers. I attended a private Catholic school that taught us the history of our country, something that our public schools weren't doing then and still aren't doing today.

Our children and grandchildren aren't being taught the history of our state and federal constitutions. They aren't being taught Civics that include Jury History and Jury Duty. Instead, theiy're learning about Marilyn Monroe and I wouldn't be surprised if at some point, Anna Nicole Smith.

The Tenth Amendment Center published and article yesterday that I hope everyone will take time to read. "The Untold History of Nullification: Resisting Slavery". The history lesson is nothing more than a review of what I learned in grade school back in the late 50's.

This article goes into the history of States Nullification Rights to keep an overpowering Federal Government in check. What was the dispute about?

Civic Illiteracy
In 1798, Jefferson and Madison articulated the concepts of nullification and interposition in the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions, which were passed in response to to the hated Alien and Sedition Acts. But the ideas which support nullification and interposition were actually expressed earlier during the ratifying convention of Virginia by the Federalists themselves!

Given the fact, however, that most Americans cannot even correctly name all three branches of our federal government, it’s probably a safe bet that they have never heard of the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions or the fact that nullification was used to assist runaway slaves.

The article goes into the story of "The Rescue of Joshua Glover" and how the Wisconsin "Citizen Army" (Citizen Militia) responded to the call to arms, "All freemen who are opposed to being made slaves or slave-catchers turn out to a meeting in the courthouse square at 2 o'clock!"

These are tools that our Founders put into place for us to use because they knew the danger of Governments becoming too powerful and corrupt. Another very important tool is Jury Nullification. Laws get passed everyday that we don't want, need and violate our Individual Rights. Citizen Juries and Grand Juries are there to protect you, but if they don't know this, if they don't know the power they have, then how can they effectively do their job?

Ever hear a Federal Prosecutor say, "I can indict a Ham Sandwich". I have.

While we may try to elect the right people to represent us, we still need to know that we are always in control and can Nullify any bad law they may pass.

This is why it's so important that we start educating those around us, empowering the PEOPLE to take back control of our Community, State, and Country.

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