Sunday, February 21, 2010

Did Ron Paul just launch his campaign for the GOP presidential nomination i

Ron Paul dominates CPAC with largest, loudest audience

Should the GOP nominate Ron Paul?

To anyone who watched any of the other Republican stars give their speeches at this year's Conservative Political Action Conference, the difference between Paul and the rest was clearly one of enthusiasm and volume. Indeed, it seems objective to report that the libertarian-leaning doctor from Texas was greeted more like a rock star than a politician.

And, Politico notes, he was the only speaker at CPAC to completely fill the convention hall. ( Including Glenn Beck )

"Sounds to me like the revolution is alive and well!" he said, eliciting another volley of cheers. "Quite a few here! Ten thousand people, all interested in promoting good government, limited government and personal liberty!"
Paul's Campaign for Liberty could be better described as one of the founding organization's of what's been more broadly termed the tea parties. While not yet a cohesive force in U.S. politics, many of those associated tend to be conservative leaning and much has been made among mainline Republicans to try and attract greater support therein. Paul even warned recently that "neocon influence" has begun to infiltrate the glut of tea parties. however, wants to engage liberals and progressives as well, who he's cited as having similar qualms with the government. FULL STORY

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