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Yesterday, the New York Times came out with an article, "Tea party' movement lights fuse for right." "Activists discover set of ideas long seen as preserrve of conspiracy theorists."

This morning I received an email from a friend telling me that Glenn Beck talked about the article and his attack on Debra Median, candidate for governor of Texas last Thursday on his radio show.

So I went out and found the clip of Glenn's show to see how he tries to justify trying (and I stress the word TRY) to sabotage her campaign in favor of Rick Perry.

The Times article starts out talking about Pam Stout from Sandpoint, Idaho who has not always lived in fear of her government.

"But all that was before the Great Recession and the bank bailouts, before Barack Obama took the White House by promising sweeping change on multiple fronts, before her son lost his job and his house. Mrs. Stout said she awoke to see Washington as a threat, a place where crises is manipulated - even manufactured - by both parties to grab power."

But that's not how Glenn Beck portrayed the article. A friend who has been fighting for Constitutional Order for the past 20 years, sent me the article to read yesterday and I have to agree with his comment on it.

"It is not blatantly bad.
Their subtle effort to paint the Tea Party as the Doorway to Racist Patriotism is apparent,

So the piece is an effort to spread Fear of the subject, that if you look down the Rabbit Hole you will fall in and never get out like these poor souls who think that they can change the status quo and are seeing armed conflict as inevitable.

The summary on this is those who are not hurting and have a financial stake (government operatives) in keeping the racial strife alive and well in America so that they can make money without being productive, do not sense anything wrong with America and are afraid that a couple of people who are hurting are going to get violent so they must be further marginalized because of what they MIGHT SAY!

Certainly a piece to take the wind out of the Sails of the Tea Party/Liberty Movement."
Glenn took his chalk board yesterday and made a diagram for anyone who is gullible enough to believe him anymore, to show that there are only about 10% of the fringe nut cases out there, 5% on the right and 5% on the left. He claims that the remaining 90% represents the REAL TEA PARTY MOVEMENT.


Gosh Glenn, can you show us some facts to back up those numbers. Because before your 9/12 Project Moderator kicked me off the group, it looked to me like about a 50% split. And because of your attack job on Debra Medina, more people opened up to looking at "Loose Change" and some of the other evidence that prior to last Thursday, they just took your word for everything.

It seems to me that Glenn Beck want's it both ways. If a progressive democrat is in the White House, it's alright to "Question with Boldness" and paint his advisors as 'EVIL' people. But if we question a progressive republican well, then we fall into Glenn's 5% category of "FRING FAR RIGHT NUT JOBS"

I recommend that everyone take the time to read the NYT's article, watch the clip of Beck trying to justify what he tried to do to Medina and then ask yourself why both the progressive democrats and republican are so worried.

As for Debera Medina, well, I think the attack had a negative effect and Glenn Beck wasn't prepared for the 'BLOW BACK'. While Glenn's ratings are dropping, Medina's are rising, and so is her money chest. I received a lot of emails asking where people from all over the country could go to donate to her campaign.

The lesson here is, "Don't mess with the Ron Paul Constitutional Tea Party Candidates". The Tea Party started with Ron Paul, not Glenn Beck and not with the Republican Party per say. The True Tea Party Movement is built on a Constitutional Ideology which the NYT's attributes to Ron Paul and labels it a Patriot Ideology.

You can read the NYT's article HERE.

GLENN BECK 02/16/10 Seg. 4


By Sarah Foster

Beck apparently disagrees. The following day he told his audience that the most important question to ask anyone is whether they think “our government blew up the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. … There’s no bigger question you can ask,” he said. It’s a “deal breaker” -- right up there with abortion, healthcare reform, and the Trans-Texas Corridor.

“We’re In This to Win”

Contacted for comment, Penny Freeman in an email told NWV there had been no list of questions, but Pat Gray, Beck’s producer, had sent a list of topics to be discussed and her beliefs about 9/11 wasn’t among them. She said it was too soon to judge the impact of the interview on the campaign, but Google hits for Medina “went through the roof, as did our donations and store sale.”

I think Glen’s rudeness and comments about French kissing Perry made a lot of people really angry – angry enough to look into the campaign,” she said. FULL STORY

Ron Paul is back!

By Doug Wead

Once more, after being written out of the script by the newspapers and television producers, the scrappy congressman from Texas, Ron Paul is back in the mix. And big time. Sarah Palin, of all people, put him there.

After turning down thousands of speaking invitations over a six month period Sarah Palin finally accepted a gig for the National Tea Party, a grass roots phenomenon that owes its life to that unstoppable old man from Texas. And then the news that she is endorsing Rand Paul, the congressman’s son, and an emerging star in the Kentucky Senate race. Who says Sarah Palin is dumb? She is tapping into the hottest political movement going.

The fact is, Sarah Palin can only be stopped on her way to her GOP coronation by a Ron Paul ambush in Iowa. Only Paul has activists who will fall on their swords for him and will go to work early enough to make a difference.

Yes, I know. Ron Paul is too old. And he did not poll well last time. But his base only really discovered him late in the process and they have been very busy since. He has grown on a lot of people. What looked nutty in 2008, like actually auditing the Federal Reserve, is now widely accepted as common sense. The national Tea Party sprang from his loins.

But nothing they write or say or fail to write or fail to say can hide the truth from the millions of Americans who have heard the clarion call. In 2008 Ron Paul slipped through their nets and onto television in the Republican Debates. And America will never be the same.

Sarah Palin has the right idea, and give her credit for trying. But I know Ron Paul. He is a friend of mine. And Sarah Palin, you are no Ron Paul FULL STORY

Presidential Historian Doug Wead on Fox - 2-14-10

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