Sunday, February 21, 2010

On the Brink of a Bond Market Apocalypse

In his speech at CPAC, Ron Paul again talked about his core issues, such as creating transparency at the Federal Reserve, returning to a sound monetary system and responsible spending by government.

He even took a jab at mainstream media, asking if they remembered the presidential campaigns, when he was the guy "off in the corner" predicting economic doom.

"All the sudden, the crash that I had been predicting all along: it came," he said. "And now Fox News TV has had me on about 60 times since the campaign was over."

On the Brink of a Bond Market Apocalypse

by Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D. 02-21-10

Trusting Washington and Wall Street is bankrupting millions of Americans … and now they’re at it again!

In the 1990s, Wall Street urged you to buy Internet stocks at 500 and 1,000 times earnings — and even tried to railroad you into stocks with no earnings at all.

Result: According to the Fed, nearly $6.6 trillion vanished into thin air when those stocks crashed and burned.

Then, in 2001, Washington got into the act — driving interest rates to their lowest levels since World War II … helping to create the greatest real estate bubble in history … and doing absolutely nothing when money-hungry bankers and brokers broke every rule in the book.

Result: The Fed’s latest report reveals another $15.5 trillion in losses the great real estate bust, credit crisis and recession.

The bottom line: In less than one decade, investors who trusted Washington and Wall Street were fleeced to the tune of $22.1 TRILLION!

Now, by bailing out bankers, brokers and CEOs, Washington has created the most dangerous bubble so far: The enormous and rapidly growing explosion of federal debt — U.S. treasuries — dumped on investors worldwide.

You don’t need a PhD in economics to know what’s next: Like the Tech Bubble and Real Estate Bubble that preceded it, this new bubble will also burst, wiping out trillions more dollars of invested wealth.

Three Compelling Reasons
Long-Term Bond Prices MUST Crash

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