Thursday, February 11, 2010

The 9/12 ers discuss Beck interview with Debra Medina

Jared Law posted his views today and started a discussion that was very interesting. Here's the link to all 54 pages of comments to what Jared wrote.

As I write this post, Glenn Beck is on TV, and normally, I would be in front of the TV to see what he is going to educate on today. After I listened to his interview today with Debra Medina, I have lost the respect that Glenn himself had worked so hard to build up.

I would tune into Glenn Beck just to see how far he was willing to go. I remember when he had Ron Paul on his show during the last Primary, and he did his Ambush so artfully, telling his audience that during the break, he was going to show Ron Paul emails containing threats and Ron Paul could respond.

Does anyone besides me have a problem with this? Does any candidate have control over what some else sends by email, claiming to be a Ron Paul supporter?

Well, my husband is watching Glenn now, and I can tell you that everything that Glenn is taking credit for now, is what Ron Paul campaigned on. Did Glenn Beck support Ron Paul? NO! Is Glenn Beck giving Ron Paul any credit for what he's talking about today? No!

Today, Glenn Beck pulled the same Ambush tactics on Debra Medina that he pulled on Ron Paul. Listen to his radio interview below.

Well, I can't campaign for Medina, but I did campaign for Ron Paul. I can tell you that everyone in our group were respectful but we weren't treated the same by our local GOP's. We were called names, ridiculed, and simply unwelcome at any event.

I remember taking Ron Paul signs down to our local Muskegon, Michigan Republican Headquarters, we were told to just leave the signs and they would take care of them. When I went back to check if they were in the window along with the rest of the candidates, here's what I found.

I am really sick and tired of the establishment Party's attacking anyone who dares to speak about our BILL OF RIGHTS, CONSTITUTION, or our RIGHT TO QUESTION. Lets take a look at how these GOOD UPSTANDING REPUBLICANS IN MUSKEGON COUNTY ACT.

Pictures don't lie, only people do.

So when I see Glenn Beck reverting back to his old self, well, lets just say, he has discredited himself AGAIN. It's all just a game these people play. I know that Texans are to smart to fall for this, just like Michigan isn't falling for it anymore.

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