Friday, February 26, 2010

Statism v. Bill of Rights

More and more you are hearing the words STATIST and STATISM. How many people really know what these words mean? How does STATISM violate our RIGHTS?

"Oh, don't vote for that candidate, He/She is a STATIST."

Well, here's the meaning.

statism |ˈstātˌizəm|

a political system in which the state has substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs : the rise of authoritarian statism.

statist noun & adjective

In today's world, we have more and more STATE control over our lives. Friend of the Court which interferes for the purpose of collecting child support under Title IV. The incentive for the STATIST to operate FOC is money. Under Title IV, the Federal Government matches what these FOC agents collect. The question each citizen of Michigan should be asking is, does this candidate support this or will they reduce the size of state government and cut this department.

It is our tax dollars that pay the salaries, health care and pensions for the FOC employees. Is this a service that Michigan really needs?

Now here's another department that needs to be looked at. CPS or Child Protective Services. Read the article below and then ask yourself is this service worth what it's costing you to pay the salaries, health care and pensions of this huge department run by the state.

Refuse To Bow To The Illegitimate Power Of The State

CPS: True Domestic Terrorists

The facts are there for anyone who cares to view them. By the government’s own numbers, the rate of child assault, rape, starvation, and murder is far higher among children in state “care” than it is in the general population. The exposés done by respected newspapers about the predatory and corrupt CPS system have been numerous and well documented. Troy Anderson, then of the LA Daily News, did an amazing series of articles a few years ago that affected me deeply and proved an invaluable resource for an essay I did on the subject for the book Under The Influence: The Disinformation Guide To Drugs.

It was journalists that broke the story of foster children being used in medical experiments, with those from the New York Post, the Associated Press, the Village Voice and several more dragging this story out of the secrecy and corruption in which child protective services operates and into the light of international attention, no doubt saving lives. The Miami Herald and the Denver Post join the ranks of media outlets to devote investigative journalism to the rampant corruption and abuses of power in the CPS system and the parasitic industries that profit from its captive ‘clients’.

These captive ‘clients’ typically come from an all too predictable source – those that are poor and without the resources to fight a system that is terrifying and powerful, one that finds it all too easy to ignore and hide their pleas against the injustice of taking away the only thing of real value and joy that they have, their children. Single mothers, the poor, families of color – these are the favored targets. Certainly there are terrible cases of child abuse and neglect, nobody could deny that. However, a peek into the government’s own numbers shows clearly that the vast majority of children are removed from their parents due to poverty-based neglect. Less than 20 percent of children removed from their parents are taken away due to physical violence or sexual abuse. FULL STORY

With all this information, documentation, is it really a difficult decision?

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