Monday, February 15, 2010

Hold to the Truth....Which Truth??????

"Question Boldly, Hold to the Truth, Speak Without Fear," so preaches Glenn Beck. Sooooooooo:

Okay, so what are 9/11 truthers? They are simply people who want the truth about what happened on 9/11. Any reason why someone shouldn't be interested in the truth? No. Any reason people should accept without question what the media says about America's biggest tragedy? No. Why attack Mrs. Medina just because she didn't give an absolute no to being a 9/11 truther? Before you accuse her for being a "9/11 truther", maybe you should do your own research. Dad has researched it for years. I have spent hours and hours researching it. I will not say who I think was responsible for 9/11 because I do NOT know, there is too much hidden information and too many unanswered questions. But I do not believe for one second that those planes were the reason those two buildings collapsed because there IS enough sufficient evidence to prove otherwise. What about building 7? What caused it to collapse? No planes hit it and it collapsed in less than 10 seconds. Before you decide to rule out Mrs. Medina simply because she doesn't say "there was no way the government was behind 9/11" your research!!! FULL STORY

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apackof2 said...

No one "owns" the tea party movement, NOT Tea Party Patriots, NOT Tea Party Nation, NOT Sarah Palin, NOT Glenn Beck, NOT Debra Medina, NOT Ron Paulers, NOT Freedom Works, NOT Newt Gingrich, NOT Campaign for Liberty,NOT Republicans... NOT NO ONE or ORGANIZATION...the tea party movement is comprised of thousands of local autonomous activists across America