Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tea Party's and 9/12 Project, What Are They Really About?

People all over the country are doing amazing things today. These are people who up to a year ago, thought that voting, paying taxes and taking care of family was enough. Today, we see people taking an interest in what their school boards are doing, attending city and county board meetings, reading the bills and instructing their legislators before they vote on them.

Groups all over the country are reading their state constitution, some for the first time, reading books that tell the real history of this country instead of the watered down attempt that the schools are teaching today.

Instead of just paying taxes, people are now looking at what the tax money is being spent on and then holding their politicians accountable. This is where I commend Glenn Beck. By bringing people together who share the 9 Principles and 12 Values that are the bases of our Constitution, these people are now spreading the education that we need in order to take our country back.

I just wish, that Glenn Beck would invite Bob Schulz, to talk about We The People Foundation and the crusade for education and citizen vigilance. The ever forgotten last ten words of the First Article of the Bill of Rights. ...and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

I wish that Glenn would invite a representative from the American Jury Institute to discuss what a Fully Informed Jury is.

There is no one leader to this movement. Can someone in LA possibly know what is going on Muskegon? No! We need to start with our own community and work our way up. That's what this movement is about. Why not find a local group and join it today? Listen to the story's told on Glenn Beck's show yesterday, then ask yourself, " what am I waiting for?"

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