Wednesday, September 8, 2010

AFL-CIO Chief Praises Pelosi For Helping Drive ObamaCare “Down the Republicans Throats, Out Their Backsides”…

Are the dues-paying AFL-CIO membership happy giving Trumka their money so he can play Dem kingmaker?…

The Harsh Reality of Federal Supremacy
James Ronald Kennedy

California, Arizona, & Louisiana

We the people of the once sovereign states live in the shadow of Federal tyranny. For example; when the people of California expressed their sovereign will in an open plebiscite a Federal judge nullified the will of the people; when the elected legislature of Arizona passed a law to defend the people of that once sovereign state against armed criminal invasion originating from a foreign country, the Federal President filed a suit in the Federal court to prevent Arizona from executing its inalienable right of self-defense; and when the elected governor of Louisiana attempted to protect his state from a man-made disaster in the Gulf of Mexico the Federal bureaucracy stepped in and halted his efforts—the central theme of all of these examples is the fact of the harsh, oppressive, and unconstitutional reality of America’s current system of Federal supremacy.

At the Federal level in contemporary America there is a great divide between the unrepresented taxpaying class and the Federally represented (and Federally protected) tax consuming class. Those tax consumers who support the political status quo in Washington, D. C. and their political hirelings find nothing unusual, and actually celebrate the outcomes of the three examples above. The perks, privileges, and powers that are derived from the status quo, or the close connections they enjoy with the status quo, benefits the tax consuming class and they therefore find great incentive to encourage the expansion of Federal supremacy. Politicians such as Peter Stark who recently declared that the Federal government could do anything it wanted; or Nancy Pelosi who declared that questions regarding constitutional authority for congressional actions were “not a serious question;” or President Obama’s declaration while running for office that the Federal government had a right to redistribute Joe the Plumber’s wealth demonstrate a thorough repudiation of the Constitution. FULL STORY

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