Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Getting to know Rick Snyder

Here is an honest, up front interview that will give you a look at what type of Governor Rick Snyder will be and if he is ready to take of on day one. 

My opinion is that Michigan needs a Governor who has the experience to know what to do, and get the job done. I think that Rick Snyder has that experience. 

Michigan Capitol Confidential - Snyder Interview, Part 1

Michigan Capitol Confidential - Snyder Interview, Part 2

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truckingal said...

My 'take' on Snyder is somewhat different: Snyder talks a good game but, when you really listen to what he says, you realize he's just another globalist, green RINO. His support for light-rail, with it's attendant bottomless pit of expenditures, eminent domain problems and transfer of taxpayer dollars to European rolling stock manufacturers certainly seems unwise in this economic climate. Likewise, although we always need be vigilant on protecting the environment, Obama has left this region open for abuse and control with both a Great Lakes Czar and a Carp Czar. We need a governor who is willing to push back against the constant mission-creep of the EPA. Finally, his use of Joe (I lost so now I hate Tim Walberg and conservatives) Schwarz is highly questionable and campaigns against conservatives every chance he gets. You have to know that when Susan Dumas pushes him for governor, he's no conservative candidate. Snyder is what Ann Arbor calls a Republican-meaning he isnt one. Every time he opens his mouth, he goes farther left. I may be forced to vote for Bernero and take my chances with the union crap because he looks less dangerous long-term for this state.