Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shoot the Messenger--Gerald Celente

The first interview I ever saw of Gerald Celente was on Fox News, Happy Hour Show. He was introduced as a man who if he hasn't been so right, would be thought of as a Conspiracy Theorist.

Now, it's shoot the Messenger as you can see from his latest interview on Fox Business just last week.

10 Trends for 2011

by Gerald Celente

1. Wake-Up Call In 2011, the people of all nations will fully recognize how grave economic conditions have become, how ineffectual and self-serving the so-called solutions have been, and how dire the consequences will be. Having become convinced of the inability of leaders and know-it-all "arbiters of everything" to fulfill their promises, the people will do more than just question authority, they will defy authority. The seeds of revolution will be sown…. FULL STORY

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