Friday, May 6, 2011

Who Won South Carolina Debate?

I watched the Debate that aired on Fox News last night from Greenville, South Carolina with great interest. I wanted to see how Fox would handle this first Debate and who Fox would proclaim the winner.

They always have a group of people off in a test room who grade the candidates after the debate is over. Either the American People themselves are so conditioned to be gullible, or Fox has a knack for picking those who will say what they want to hear.

According to the test group, Herman Cain was the candidate who most impressed them. When asked why, they answered; "Because he is the only one who has a plan".

I'm not sure if these people were watching the same debate that I watched last night. I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out just what PLAN Mr. Cain offered.

But the vast majority of the people sitting in with Republican pollster Frank Luntz said Cain had won the debate with his directness and straightforward delivery. (This despite the fact that when asked about what he would do in Afghanistan, he replied that he would rely on "the experts and their advice and their input." The Fox News debate moderators seemed incredulous that he did not offer a position.) Luntz appeared blown away by the response to Cain, which he cast as unprecedented. "Something very special happened this evening," he said.

Let me see, we have a President who came out of nowhere, had no experience, and is borrowing us into bankruptcy through the Federal Reserve. This President didn't have a plan except to promise us Hope and Change.

So who is Herman Cain? Well, at least Herman Cain does have some Executive experience, although Fox was very careful not to fully disclose all of Herman Cain's accomplishments last night. The only candidate who proclaimed that he has never held a Government Position.

So, who is he? The self-described ABC -- that's American Black Conservative -- is a former CEO of the Godfather's Pizza chain. He has also served stints as an Atlanta radio talk show host, a mathematician for the Department of the Navy and chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. So far Cain, 65, is the only prospective GOP candidate to form a presidential exploratory committee.

So for those out there who deny that it's the Federal Reserve Bank behind the promoting of the "FAIR TAX", than you should have tuned into last nights debate. You guessed it, Herman Cain was the ONLY candidate who was asked the question and was the ONLY candidate to support it. And isn't it interesting that he was placed next to Ron Paul.

Well folks, I'm still going to stick with Ron Paul. It doesn't look like Herman Cain will ever FREE us from the hooks of the Private Bankers known as the Federal Reserve Bank that has put this country to ruin.

The Republican raised more than $1 million as of 7 a.m. ET Friday, according to a tally on his campaign website. There is a billboard showing the names of recent campaign donors and their hometowns, along with a goal to reach $2 million.

Ron Paul crushing in win on post debate FAUX News poll!

Fox Poll on...
Who Won the SC GOP Debate?
[from their site as of 11:23 PM 05/05/2011]
Count the equals signs!
Rep. Ron Paul 83.4%
Gov. Tim Pawlenty 1.19%
Sen. Rick Santorum 1.3%
Herman Cain 12.46%


Anonymous said...

Herman Cain, if I remember correctly made some snide comments in the past against auditing the Federal Reserve. In fact I posted the video to my e-mail and my Facebook page.

Anonymous said...

'No Need To Audit the Federal Reserve According to Herman Cain'

Herman Cain is not my candidate!

Give me Ron Paul any day - who believes in upholding his oath of office!

Daar said...

Actually, Cain presented a VERY STRONG plan when he explained his endorsement of the FairTax. However, we FairTaxers are leery of Cain's statement that he would "follow the advice of his experts" - the result of which, recently, has been his "soft-peddling" of FairTax (if at all!) in explaining the need for "tax reform.".

Will Cain break from such advice? He had better. Without ardent leadership, the FairTax movement will suffer loss of momentum (at a time when it is urgent to "super-charge" it), and gov't's claim on our income will continue.

As for the Federal Reserve being behind the FairTax: Why would the Fed support a tax system (FairTax) that removes their tax-collection agent's (IRS's) hand from our paychecks (confiscation through withholding)?

Rose said...


As for the Federal Reserve being behind the FairTax: Why would the Fed support a tax system (FairTax) that removes their tax-collection agent's (IRS's) hand from our paychecks (confiscation through withholding)?

Here's the answer Daar, they will rename the IRS and collect a NATIONAL Sales Tax on top of a STATE sales tax which will still go to pay the INTEREST on the debt to ......drum roll please.... THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK of course.

And, we will still have the renamed IRS collecting our money, and then giving some back. So all you PRO CHOICE people, better make the right choice, because he who has the most children reaps the most reward money back.

Jack said...

Very good analysis as usual Rose. I'm with you, Ron Paul!!! Keep up the fight Rose.

Jack said...

Rose, I posted your comment on the FairTax on RonPaulForums. Here is the thread. If you have an account could you expand on your analysis?!

Rose said...

Thank You for all the good information Jack. I've known that Herman Cain was planted by the Fed.

Do you think maybe the Fed is really, really scared that Ron Paul might just win this time?

Jack said...

Rose, I am so sorry, I posted the wrong link here is the correct one.

Daar said...

Jack: "Very good analysis"?? What analysis? Guilt by association? Because Cain served on the KC Fed Board, that automatically discounts considering the substance of his ideas? Rose is so far out on the FairTax that Houston is having a problem tracking her! 8*.

Rose said...

Daar, Daar, dear. We love you but we don't buy the same cool aid you do.

Let me see, a former Fed Chairman helped write the Fair Tax, and Now we have Hermy out there running for Prez promoting it.

I really don't see any difference between the system we have now and what you want us to accept EXEPT, one requires the Corporations to contribute and YOURS doesn't. Other than that, it's still give us your money and maybe we will give some of it back.

Daar, get your brown nose out of someone elses ass and start thinking like a real person.

Daar said...

Rose, like you, I'm pretty "stuck" on those wonderful documents - the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence.

But the FairTax actually improves on the way in which federal revenues are procured; when Congress levies a tax on a corporation, it places a hidden tax on you and me as consumers. Corporations pass the tax / compliance costs to you and me, invisibly, folded into higher prices. (The politicians benefit, because citizens point to higher prices, and blame the corporation for any portion of higher prices made necessary by Congressional edict.)

The FairTax makes the tax VISIBLE. It INFORMS the citizens what Congress is actually commanding from their "hides."

So, unhinge from being "stuck" on the former arrangements; FairTax is a better system, for ALL citizens.

Daar said...

PS Love ya, Rose - always, keep up the great work (other than FairTax dissing, ie); regards to Bill ;-)

Rose said...

Daar, I'm not stuck but you seem to be. I'm with Ron Paul on this one. Eliminate the Federal Reserve and you eliminate the IRS.

The Government collects enough taxes and what the IRS collects doesn't even pay the INTEREST on what Congress borrows.

Stop the Borrowing, get rid of the Military Industrial complex, Homeland Security, NEA, EPA, and a whole host of other NGO's and put us back on a monetary system that works.

Your plan doesn't do any of that. Your plan is the same plan just under a different name and different way of collecting.

Get a clue Daar, you don't have one ounce of Patriotism in your body, YOU DAAR ARE JUST ANOTHER FED LACKY.

Daar said...

Rose, ending the Fed does not end the income tax, and the waste (both in human productivity and dollars) and oppression that accompany it.

Short of just terminating the income tax (without replacement) - which is NOT going to happen - our best alternative is the FairTax.

With the FairTax comes transparency and citizen-options that are not present today. It will permit a more clear focus on Congress, and what it is extracting from our hides.

Also, you're comparing "apples with oranges." I'm talking about a plan for an alternative tax collection scheme. You're talking about Congressional spending goals.

You continue to confuse issues, Rose. This is not a service to your allegiant fans.

Rose said...

I'm confused Daar??? What part of spending don't you understand???

Let me see, I pay property tax, phone tax, heating tax, electric tax, sales tax, license tax, city tax, county tax, state tax...

I could go on and on here Daar, now you want to add tax on top of all the taxes I already pay. And you want the corporations to be tax exempt.

You tell me that we will get rid of the IRS but the NEW IRS under a different name will be collecting the sales tax and it will be simpler because they will redistribute my money in a different way.

I think you should go look up the word PUTZ, Daar, because that's what you are.

Daar said...

Rose, the subject of my comments is "tax collection" and REPLACING the income tax - NOT adding on another tax.

FairTax gets rid of personal income tax, corporate income and payroll taxes (including social security and medicare taxes), inheritance tax, and federal gift tax.

C'mon, Rose, let's unite "We the People," with a SIMPLIFIED tax system that is truly fair, and will result in those who spend more, paying more (MORE fairly than now).

Why don't you head on over to and do some due dilligence.

Rose said...

Daar, I'm really tired of this conversation with you. I am well aware as all my readers are that your comments are not directed at solving the problem, just bait and switch.

We here in the "FairTax" movement don't want to address the problems of the Fed, we just want to rearange how you will pay us.

We are not going to stop the redistribution, we are just going to do it in a different way.

So, instead of skimming of your wages, now we will charge you a "NATIONAL SALES TAX" A "STATE SALES TAX" we won't charge any corporation but place the burden on the individual. And yes, all your women out there who have learned how to scam the system by not naming the fathers of all your babies, just send us the bill, Daar will be happy to pay for all those children you have, as long as Daar doesn't have to live next door to you like I do.

I doubt that Daar has ever had to live next door to you and be woken up to gun shoots in the middle of the night.

I doubt that Daar has ever had to go to his back yard (Daar tells me he lives with his Mother) to get his brand new lawn mower only to find that it's gone.

I don't think that Daar has ever had to go out into HIS back yard to find that his rakes are goon only to find them in the trash left by the latest welfare momma that all the neighbors worked so hard to get rid of. But when the landloard is a major contributor to the DemoRats in this neighborhood, well, what do you expect.

Get over it Daar, you are on the loosing end and you just can't admit it.