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All Eyes On Greese

All the Financial Markets are watching what happens in Greece right now. Will the rest of the world through the IMF bail Greece out? Will the Greek cabinet make the austerity cuts are now being demanded by the Central Private Bankers? Are the people of Greece happy with their reduction in life style? Well Greece has been a Socialist country for a long time. I can remember my Step-Grandfather, Chris Kotsifis (1896 - 1979), who came to the United States as a young man to get away from Big Government Socialism.

Chris Kotsifis was sponsored to the United States by his older brother George. He opened up a restaurant in Grand Rapids, Michigan, sleeping on the counter because he was opened all night. Chris built up a small chain of Chris's Hamburger Shops around Grand Rapids. My parents meet at one of them back in the late 40's, my father the short order cook, my mother a waitress.

In the early 60's, my older sister worked for Chris, and I followed but not as a waitress as Chris expected, I wanted to cook.

I wonder if Chris Kotsifis were alive today, what he would say about the Greek Financial Crises?

Greek cabinet discusses austerity implementation

ATHENS, Feb 18 – Greece’s cabinet tackled on Saturday how to implement austerity demanded by the EU and IMF as a €130bn ($171bn) rescue seemed within reach, while the eurozone considered modifying a deal with private creditors to help Athens reduce its huge debts. FULL STORY

Going to a Consumption Fair Tax hasn't seemed to help Greece out with their debt problem has it.

I wonder what he would say about the looming financial crises facing the United States today.

The state of Utha passed a bill last year as I mentioned below, then 13 other states followed with similar bills, and now Colorado. It seems that some of these states like Utha had already passed a Fair Tax in their state. But, with inflation, something they didn't take into account when passing a bill that made Busiess tax exempt, and went to a higher sales tax, inflation cuts into the amount of spendable income to buy the product or service and pay the sales tax. And no matter how the spin misters try to spin their tail about the Fair Tax, they never talk about inflation, because gas and food are never included in inflation numbers.

So now, like the other 13 or so states, Colorado joins the crowd on what Ron Paul has been saying for the last 30 years. Get rid of the Federal Reserve and return to the Gold monetary standard.

Colorado looking at gold, silver currency

Worried that the U.S. dollar may not be good as gold, some Colorado lawmakers are pushing a bill to legalize gold and silver coins as usable currency.

"There are lots of concerns about the U.S. monetary system," said the bill's sponsor, Republican Sen. Kent Lambert of Colorado Springs. "Individuals and states ought to be increasing their gold reserves. There's no way to maintain the value of anything if countries start a race to the bottom by inflating their currency to get out of debt." FULL STORY

Think about this for a minute. If there is no Private Federal Reserve bank for Congress to borrow from to fund all their favorite people (donors), then there will be no need for an IRS to collect the INTEREST ON THE DEBT to pay back the Corrupt Private Bankers called the Federal Reserve.

For 150 years this country flourished and prospered without a Private Federal Reserve. Since 1913, we have had nothing but economic chaos. Bubbles and Bursts, but always INFLATION, rising prices, up's and down's.

Gerald Celente's Trends 2012: The Good, The Really Bad and The Very Ugly

NTERNATIONAL. Are you ready for a 2012 that will be “Good” for the well-prepared, really “Bad” for wishful thinkers, and very “Ugly” for the see-nothings and do-nothings – those with their heads in the sand who blindly trust their leaders?

A few weeks ago we sent you a recap of the Trends Journal’s “Top Trends 2011” forecasts. There is very little in today’s headline news that was not in last year’s Trends Journal forecasts.

The newly released Top 12 Trends 2012 cuts through the hype, confusion and political baloney. This Trends Journal provides directions for navigating through the turmoil along with practical advice on how to capitalize on the positive trends-in-the-making we have identified.

Top 12 Trends 2012 runs the gamut from “Economic Martial Law” to “Safe Havens" to “Going Out in Style.” FULL STORY

I want to share with you a couple of emails responses to the article below "$5 for 1 LB of Butter"

Here in Canada we also have had a thing called the GST... a value-added tax on goods
and services. And that brought our Ontario sales taxes up to 15% on top of every purchase of anything NOT food or medicine or child's clothing. Now, they've reduced our sales tax recently by introducing a "harmonized sales tax", which is a blend of federal and provincial sales taxes.

Note the little trick they play on people with your property taxes and how businesses escape... this little bit of juggling reminds that in both our countries, neither federal government has the right to impose general income tax, it is the state or provincial governments that have that right, but they do it anyway.

Food prices, under all this garbage, have soared here, as local produce is a thing of the past, everything is shipped (at a high cost) from everywhere else instead of stimulating the local economy. Everything feeds the rich.

And then this one:

Five bucks for a pound of butter. It's amazing people don't realize how much food has gone up Already, since the markets pull tricks. The food markets put out this ridiculous high price as the "regular" price, then they put a "markdown" below it so you think you're getting a bargain. Except the markdown is still higher than the regular price used to be. It must work since they keep doing it, so there are a lot of stupid people who have no memory ;')

I was against food stamps most of my life but the banks have thrown so many out of work, I've changed my opinion. A lot of people don't realize that it was Clinton, not the GOP, that destroyed welfare, even though we actually need it during a bad recession.

And of course, the government does Not count food and fuel in inflation, making their figure totally bogus and worthless.

Goldman-Sachs, who has their boy Timmy in the White House, also helped raise the price of food. They got a "special" dispensation from the government to speculate in needed commodities like food. That actually caused starvation in some nations and raised food prices in ours.

No matter Who gets elected, they will be in the pocket of Goldman-Sachs. Your vote is a joke, IMHO.

Yes, most of these tax schemes are a ruse. They look good because they are "simple" but they always end up screwing the middle class even more.

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