Friday, September 7, 2012

Blowback for both Republican and Democrat Parties. 

 We have now watched both Party National Conventions only to find that these are nothing but well scripted "Beauty Contests" at the Taxpayers Expense. Conventions are suppose to be about the Delegates and the delegates Votes. Not any more.

 Here's what happened at the RNC


And here's what happened at the DNC.


While I don't have any articles interviewing Delegates from the DNC, I do have several from the RNC, this one being the most recent.

 Student RNC reps stand by Ron Paul Paul is the leader of the liberty movement within the Republican Party. 

 Waldron said he entered the convention “pretty convinced” he was going to come out the other side supporting Romney, but following the convention he is undecided.

 “I feel — and many other people feel the same way — that it’s very hard to switch teams when we feel like we were basically disenfranchised,” Waldron said. FULL STORY

 There is such a huge fracture within both parties, it will be interesting to see just how this "BLOWBACK" will affect the election this year.

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