Monday, September 29, 2008

Bailing out Wallstreet and the Fed.

I wonder how much of it we would have to deal with if the United States Congress would have answered our Petition for Redress regarding the Private Federal Reserve Bank back in 2002. We have again served the United States Congress with the Petition for Redress regarding the Federal Reserve on June 30, 2008. Not one member of Congress has answered these petitions.

Instead, they have thumbed their nose at us, We The People, and are now sticking us with the bill for the corruption and...well, I guess Ron Paul said it best.

In conclusion, there are three good reasons why Congress should reject this legislation:

a. It is immoral—Dumping bad debt on the innocent taxpayers is an act of theft and is wrong.

b. It is unconstitutional—There is no constitutional authority to use government power to serve special interests.

c. It is bad economic policy—By refusing to address the monetary system while continuing to place the burdens of the bailout on the dollar, we can be certain that in time, we will be faced with another, more severe crisis when the market figures out that there is no magic government bailout or regulation that can make a fraudulent monetary system work.

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