Sunday, September 28, 2008

Letter to Hoekstra, Stabenow and Levin

Dear Congressman Hoekstra, Senator Stabenow, and Senator Levin

As you know, on June 30, 2008, you were served with a Petition for Redress regarding the Federal Reserve for the second time. You were asked by your constituents, who signed the petitions, for you to answer each individual question.

Had you respected us and our request for you to answer our questions, you would not be faced with the dilemma of having to vote for a bailout of these Foreign Banks with our blood, sweet and tears.

RBS will get 'billions' in US bail-out of economy

Keep in mind, these are the same Foreign Lenders who’s greed put them in the position they are now in. You know or should know that America will survive far better if you do not commit us to this bailout bill.

Your Vote for this bill will be my Vote to fire you.

William and Rose Lear

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