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Campaign to Recall U.S. Senators
Posted November 22nd, 2009 by tangent4ronpaul

Yes - I know - for this to work we would have to overturn a 1967 court case, but what do we have to loose - especially with the ease of electronic petitions. At the very least, it will hurt a candidate politically and make then re-consider their vote.
Any ideas on how to overturn that case?

The E-How article is wrong. That doesn't mean it's not worth trying.
From Wikipedia:
United States Senator Frank Church of Idaho was the subject of an unsuccessful recall effort in 1967.[6] Courts ruled that a federal official is not subject to state recall laws. See also the similar unsuccessful effort in 2009 to recall Anh "Joseph" Cao, U.S. representative for Louisiana's 2nd congressional district.

The 18 states allowing for recall are as follows: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin.
A website or a phone campaign are good ways to get your petition going. Going door-to-door is also an option although it is more time consuming than the other two. This is important since you only have a set number of days to obtain the correct number of signatures—anywhere from 30 to 180 days.

How to Recall a U.S. Senator
By eHow Contributing Writer

Senators have to find a balance between voting their conscience and voting as their constituents would like. If senators vote their conscience too heavily, constituents tend to get angry. When this happens, constituents may ask for a recall of their U.S. Senator.


Step 1
Consider your location. Few states allow for a recall of a senator—only 18 and the District of Columbia. If you're not living in one of these states you have no constitutional rights to recall.

Step 2
Determine the grounds for recall. You'll need this information to make your case to the population but in 7 of the 18 states specific grounds are actually required. In these states, if your reasons don't measure up, you won't be allowed to proceed with the recall.

Step 3
Get signatures. You'll need a petition to get a recall election. The number of signatures is usually a percentage of the voters at the last election but this differs by state.

Step 4
Prepare for a response. At some point during the process, the senator will be notified that a petition for recall is being circulated. She will then have a chance to respond to the allegations.

Step 5
Get voters to the recall election. Once the recall election is granted, alert the community and get them out to vote. The ballot will ask whether or not the senator should be recalled and the state may hold an election at the same time to elect the next person for that office.

Upper-Bracket Tax May Be Needed for Afghan War Cost, Levin Says

By Viola Gienger

Nov. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Higher-income Americans should be taxed to pay for more troops sent to Afghanistan and NATO should provide half of the new soldiers, said Carl Levin, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

An “additional income tax to the upper brackets, folks earning more than $200,000 or $250,000” a year, could fund more troops, Levin, a Michigan Democrat, said in an interview for Bloomberg Television’s “Political Capital With Al Hunt,” airing this weekend. FULL STORY


Elizabeth said...

I not only want to RECALL U.S. Senators...I want to throw out ALL INCUMBENTS.
Please come to the 912 Coalition's (APPROVED) EVENT,
REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR RALLY, Lansing State Capitol steps, Dec.7,

A Conservative Teacher said...

Recall of federal officials is not provided for in the US Constitution. It is provided for in our state Constitution, but that only applies to state officials.

It would be neat to start an attempt to put an amendment on the Constitution that does that, but that would have to start in the Congress, and there is no way Democrats want to be responsible to the people.

The best and only possible recourse for to get rid of these jokers is elections.

Rose said...

As an Independent Thinker and the BOSS of these senators, I believe that we get to decide if they stay or get fired.

All we really need to do is get the states to nullify the 17th and then take them all out.

Lynette said...


Thank you for posting the "In Perpetuum Rights" link on your site. We're trying to recall one of our Senator's in Alaska and that was very helpful. Our site is

I'm originally from Saline, Michigan, but have lived in Alaska for 18-years now. Levin? Still? Really? Holy moly!

Keep up the great work!

Larry H. said...

I think both Levin and Stabenow should be recall now before they can get this sham of a health care package enacted. As the link below will show, this Obamacare could have been written by Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler.

Cowboy in Michigan said...

Its time to Recall Michigans Marxist Senators. The only way that this country is going to get move forward financially and morally. Frankly, the best thing for this country would be for all real Americans across the country to get rid of all career politicians and start fresh. Retired congressmen and senators get pensions even if they serve one term, that should end now.

Anonymous said...

"A Conservative Teacher" wrote that the recall language in Michigan law only applies to State officials. This is false; Section 168.121 explicitly states that United States Senators are subject to recall.

The fact that the United States Constitution doesn't provide for it, simply means that the Tenth Amendment comes into play since recall is not amoung the Federal powers, it is a power reserved to the states or the people, thus the reason it is in state law rather than Federal law.

Anonymous said...

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