Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gen. Casimir Pulaski finally an Honorary US Citizen

WASHINGTON — Finally, Gen. Casimir Pulaski became an American citizen on Friday, 230 years after the Polish nobleman died fighting for the as yet-unborn United States.

President Barack Obama signed a joint resolution of the Senate and the House that made Pulaski an honorary citizen.

Pulaski’s contribution to the American colonies’ effort to leave the British Empire began with a flourish. He wrote a letter to Gen. George Washington, the Revolution’s leader, with the declaration: “I came here, where freedom is being defended, to serve it, and to live or die for it.”

The revolutionaries’ top general let the young nobleman hire onto the brash fight against the European superpower, and Pulaski made a name for himself as a skilled horseman, eventually to be known as the “father of the American cavalry.”

He died before the British were driven away. In October 1779, he led a cavalry assault to save the important Southern port of Savannah, Ga., was wounded and taken aboard the American ship USS Wasp. He died at sea two days later.

Gen. Casimir Paulaski, an American Hero to the Polish People who LEGALLY emigrated to America during Hitler's pillage and invasion of Poland. Polaski weekend is celebrated the second weekend of October anywhere their is a Polish community in this country. A man who came here where freedom is being defended.

WHAT a shame that Americans today don't have a clue what that means. Before you bombard me with negative comments, I'm talking about the Majority. But then, go ahead, leave your comments telling me how many years you have been in the trenches. Maybe these newly awakened Tea Partyers who think it's all about the Health Care will read them.

NAFTA didn't budge them

CAFTA didn't budge them

BAILOUTS didn't budge them

PATRIOT ACT didn't budge them


My God, now their awake.

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