Monday, January 3, 2011

Forecaster Gerald Celente: Predictions for 2011.

American trends forecaster Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute makes predictions for 2011. Celente has appeared on many different TV shows in the U.S.

Celente argues that the economy will become much worse during the year. There will be loss of liberty and crackdown on the people as the war on terror and on crime expands. In the name of terror the government will clamp down on the people. Celente says:"Big Brother will be watching!" "We even have Wal-Marts as a rat for the homeland security division to call them up and let them know if anything is untoward that they should know about and they are talking now about expanding homeland terrorist security in hotels and shopping malls."

The government will hit people with increased costs in every area to help pay for deficits. The people rather than the big financial corporations will bear the pain of paying off the debt.

Celente sees gold prices as moving much higher as more money is pumped into the system by the federal reserve. He sees gold as reaching two thousand an ounce or more.

There will be increased cyber warfare in 2011. It will be a new type of warfare for the 21st century. The trend was obviously already on the march in 2010 with attacks on Iran's nuclear agency, on Wikileaks, and several revenge attacks on companies such as Paypal. All in all Celente's predictions are for trends that are mostly bad for 2011. I include a video discussing his main predictions on RT.

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