Friday, February 25, 2011

Here's a message from a friend who lives in Flint, Michigan.

I have this great Idea!

Anybody interested in what unions can do when they get way too much control, can come to FLINT MI we can give you a tour of the Buick plant, FisherBody & AC Spark plug plants.

To top off your tour we can give you a ride around the HOOD. If you don't know what that is,your in for a treat we recomend you bring a GUN!!! You will be traveling in the MURDER CAPITAL of the USA.

If you see kids that look like they are the age where they should be in school , do not concern youself, those are just part of the 73% drop outs you will see during your tour.

You will also be seeing lots of small children, again do not concern yourself they all have brothers and sisters from unknowen fathers who will grow up to also drop out of school and have kids of there own .

Unions might have there place but when they run Business out of town and run goverments into BILLIONS of dollors of over spending somebody has to say ENOUGH ALREADY !!!


KL Mallender said...

Although I don't live in Flint, I'm close enough to know there are a "Few" areas, depending on your ignorance of self preservation might just wake you up, not the place you want to call home anytime soon, thats for sure. I don't put the blame at unions footsteps though, I would put it solely at manufacturing corporations that have been allowed to build and use the areas resources and leave without cleaning up their own mess created by industry, it's not just Flint, or Michigan in general.
But the contamination left behind is amazing, and all that is talked about is needing new jobs, well, there are so many industrial areas that need cleaning/bulldozing and reconstruction that nobody should be out of work. Just no money to fix past indescretions, no profit.
Easier and more profitable to move and create a new mess.
Oh, and BTW, if you carry a gun unregistered for protection, YOU will be arrested, because only the criminals there are the ones not affraid of the cops.

navyseal4ron said...

Anyone who believes the unions are in any way responsible are still not advanced enough to not be fooled by neocons. This is hand and hand with their "Right to Work" stupidity.

It's not the unions, it's these same neocons , that like the democrats, ALLOW GOVERNMENT TO GROW OUT OF CONTROL!!!. Ever hear of the auto pct of 1964, GATT, NAFTA and the WTO? If you haven't then WAKE UP! It's not the unions but if you are stupid and ignorant enough to believe the same people who bankrupted this country and allowed them to leave ghost towns like Flint and Saginaw, then you are of little use in discovering a rememdy.

Rose said...

I am from Flint, and I have to disagree with this article. The unions are not to blame--if anything they made the area stronger and allowed people a living wage. I don't doubt the statistics that were quoted, I just want them compared with the same numbers BEFORE shops of industry were closed up, people lost their jobs and can't find a living wage now. This didn't happen from the unions--it has been coming for a long time but steamrolled when wallstreet was allowed to go unchecked with their gambling and the country went to hell because of it.