Monday, February 14, 2011

Mike Connell want's Michigan to give Fair Tax a fair shot for a change.

So who is Mike Connell??? Well, Mike moved his family to in 1988 when Mike became executive editor of the Times Herald in Port Huron. Carol leads the special education program at a Port Huron area high school. They have three sons. Ian is a teacher in New Haven, Michigan; Patrick is a teacher and coach in Port Huron; and Matthew is an Army officer.

Mike took early retirement in 2008, but he continues to write a Sunday front-page column for the Times Herald. He also is a novelist and poet.

Mike is a Fair Taxer Supporter. But then, I guess Mike Connell isn't of the shrinking middle class here in Michigan. My gut feeling is that Mike Connell is already set up with his own Survival program and could care less about Michigan or it's people since he isn't REALLY one of us.

Here in Michigan, we don't tax food for a reason Mike, or Dr. visit, Medication or (Labor) services for a reason. But I guess you don't get that never having been in business yourself.

Anyone who has read the Michigan Fair Tax proposal knows that you are promoting a sales tax on LABOR, which is unconstitutional.

You are promoting that a sales tax be collected on all Dr. visits, EXCEPT the portion your insurance carrier pays, IF your lucky enough to have a job where your employer offers health care. Hmmmmm, will we also pay a sales tax on the portion of that health care policy that our employer doesn't cover MIKE?

What your article doesn't cover Mike Connell, is the fact that we need to stop spending. We need to reduce the size of government.

We need a state legislative body who is willing to stop trying to tax us to death and will quit living off Federal Subsidies.

I look at your picture Mike and think, this looks like a nice guy. Well, so much for looks Mike. Perhaps you should read the objections in the on going Anti-Fair-Tax Debate in the right column here. But I doubt it will open your eyes, after all, you are a journalist with your marching orders.

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