Thursday, July 7, 2011

Casey Anthony Verdict Aftermath!

As I listen to the Media Pundit's and read the news articles on Casey Anthony's verdict, I can see just how effective the lack of education is in this country. According to what I was taught in grade school back in the late 50's, the jury came back with the only verdict they could. But look what one Orlando real estate broker had to say.

As the sentence was announced, Orlando real estate broker Flora Reece stood outside the courthouse with a sign that read "Arrest the Jury."

NOTE: The Prosecution did not give the jury any evidence that Casey Murdered her child.

Is there someone out there who can PLEASE give Flora Reece a copy of the William Penn case? Poor Flora needs some real education in the function of the Jury system and stop making such a fool of herself in public.

Casey Anthony is a very emotionally troubled young lady. Maybe some day, with the proper help, she will be able to tell the truth about what happened to that beautiful little girl. Maybe the police will come up with some evidence to prove what happened to this child. But sending death threats to her parents, at a time when they are so torn apart by Casey, only shows what a GODLESS society this country has become.

Until you have walked in their shoes, until you have had to deal with your own emotionally disturbed child, one who will cut your heart out, slice it, dice it and hand it back to you on a plater, you should not judge.

We as parents, those of us who CHOOSE TO BE PARENTS, love our children. We care for them and raise them the best we know how. But God doesn't give us a guarantee that evil forces won't interfere in their developmental years leaving you with a Casey Anthony.

I'd like to know where our Liberal Media is in this debate. After all, isn't it a WOMAN'S RIGHT to CHOOSE? What difference does it make if you kill the child in the womb or out? If it becomes inconvenient to be a mother, what difference does it make when the child is exterminated?

What I see going on is a bunch of HYPOCRITICAL PEOPLE screaming for blood, just as in the Bible, the POLITICAL MASSES allowed Barabbas to go free and Crucified Jesus for not paying TAXES to Caesar. Who was it that Crucified Jesus? The Highh Priest Caiaphas, and the Scribes and Elders who REPRESENTED the Jewish People. The same people who derived their INCOME from the taxes collected.

Caiaphas (Greek: Καϊάφας) in the New Testament, was the Roman-appointed Jewish high priest who is said to have organized the plot to kill Jesus. Caiaphas is also said to have been involved in the Sanhedrin trial of Jesus.[1]

Media of the time...scribe |skrīb|
1 historical a person who copies out documents, esp. one employed to do this before printing was invented.
• informal often humorous a writer, esp. a journalist.
2 (also Scribe) Judaism an ancient Jewish record-keeper or, later, a professional theologian and jurist.
3 another term for scriber .

• (often elders) a leader or senior figure in a tribe or other group : a council of village elders.
• an official in the early Christian Church, or of various Protestant Churches and sects.

William Penn
Judge vs. jury
During the trial, the jury and the crowds in the courthouse began to appreciate William Penn’s defense that by merely speaking on a street corner he had not violated a law. The Crown produced no substantive evidence against him. When Penn interrupted the trial with questions and objections, he was removed from the presence of the jury and confined in an enclosed corner of the room where he could not confront witnesses accusing him of preaching to the Quakers or ask questions of the witnesses who testified against him.

At the conclusion of the trial the jury retired to deliberate its verdict. Upon the jury’s return, foreman Edward Bushnell reported to the court simply that the jury found that William Penn had spoken on the street, which was no violation of the law at all.

The judge was outraged and overcome with anger. He commanded the jury to retire again and render the verdict of guilt. Nevertheless, the jury returned and again stated that the verdict was that Mr. Penn had simply spoken on a street and not violated any law. The indignant judge confined the jury “to the hole,” in Newgate Prison, and instructed the foreman Bushnell that the jury would remain in the hole without food or water until a proper verdict was rendered. FULL STORY

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