Monday, July 25, 2011

Once Upon A Time...

Once Upon A Time in the United States, starting a business was a simple thing. If you believed in yourself, the product or service you produced, all you had to do was hang up a sign and go to work.

Today, you must fill out a bunch of paperwork, register with the STATE, acquire an IRS ID number and apply for a Federal Government Grant just to start a small business.

It could be just me, but does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?

My how times have changed, or have they?

Today, it's all about jobs, debt, and who offers the best benefits. Being your own boss today means you are required by law to pay minimum wage, offer health care, and a pension plan (401K's tied to the stock market). Pay half of your employee's Social Security, Medicade/Medicare and Un-employment Benefits. Well, that just makes me want to start a business today, how about you?

Or, you can find a job within the government somewhere, and have all the benefits as well as a upper middle class pay check. Is this the new American Dream?

If working for government is the new american dream, who's going to be there to support this system? Good question. I haven't found the answer to that one yet, maybe some of you more educated people out there can help me understand this part of economics. After all, I'm just a simple house wife who can't deficit spend. I don't have a printing press that allows me to just print up dollar bills to loan out at extortion rates of interest.

I keep getting emails asking me to support our military. I do consider myself to be a very patriotic American. If we were really at war with another country for a good reason, I would be first in line to support our tropes. But, we have not been in a declared war since WWII. And prior to WWII, we never had military bases all over the globe, 130+ countries and counting.

I happened to meet and talk with a young man of 22 this summer, who had just served three years in the army. He signed up because... the army offered $15.000 as a signing bonus and will pay for college education. He felt his brother was foolish for signing up for six years in order to get the $40,000 signing bonus. This young man said his FREEDOM wasn't worth the extra money. During his three years in the army, he never went to any part of the world where we are engaged in a military action.

Now, if we are in over 130 country's, and we are supporting the military bases there, all the military personal and their families, how many people do you suppose that puts on the payroll for military spending? ARE WE SAFER??? The more we expand our military, the less safe we are it seems. But then again, I'm just a house wife who remembers when you could get on a ferry boat in Muskegon, Michigan, cross Lake Michigan to Milwaukee Wisconsin without having to show ID just to be in the waiting area.

I certainly never thought I would live to see the day that I would have to allow a stranger to touch my body just to fly on an airplane to another US state. ARE WE SAFER??? Or are we just so stupid that we will allow government employees to sexually assault us because they need to create jobs to replace the manufacturing jobs lost due to the heavy tax/regulate mentality of the COMMUNIST in the United States today.

Someone this past weekend sent me one of those "Support our Military" emails, and I brought these facts up to her. She came back and said that we should re-instate the draft and get rid of these incentives to join the military.

Ok, who among you have daughters, Granddaughters, nieces, ect...ect? Now that the Women's Libbers have successfully gotten girls out on the battle field, who among you are willing to have your little princes drafted?

Can't you just see the Prom Queen from your local high school giving up lipstick and shopping for camo and an automatic rifle? Well, I can tell you that non of the GIRLS in my family have any desire to go into combat. How about your GIRLS?

But then again, Hitler and Stolen as well as Lenin did get women into combat, so why not Socialist America? After all, aren't we ALL patriotic?

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SonicFreedom said...

Yes, who else has experienced de facto government lip service to help small business?

In actuality, is the small business man not under attack?

e.g., Are music teachers not a blessing to our communities?