Friday, March 6, 2009

Daily Medina

Medina for Governor 2010
Welcome to the site! We hope that you will continue to come here and offer you views and insights and show your support for Debra Medina for Governor in 2010. We have had the Harvard elite and the monied elite and you can see where picking from that bunch has gotten us in Texas. Stifling property taxes, wasteful spending on education without addressing the real problems, energy dependence, the Trans-Texas Corridor, and illigal immigration that is costing the taxpayers millions in health care, education and government services. But most importantly, it has bought us and brought us Texas governors who dance to the tune of the national and global elite who would seek to indoctrinate and subjugate us to the mentality and actions of being nothing but serfs mandated to implement their agenda of wealth re-distribution. VISIT THE DAILY MEDINA.

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