Thursday, March 5, 2009

Liberty Overload - Where was the media during the Primaries?

Ron Paul appeared 3 times Tuesday on Television news channels.

First he appeared on Bloomberg TV to discuss Geithner’s testimony and to rail against the bailouts, as usual:

Speaking of Congress Paul says, “I don’t know if they brainwash themselves or not!”, “It’s a fairy tale!”.

Next, Paul appeared on Glenn Beck’s FOX News show. They discussed the potential for “FEMA Camps”, Obama reducing tax deductions on charitable donations, and the bailouts. Paul brings it all back to the government’s thirst for power and reduction of individual liberty.

And finally, truly the best was last as Ron Paul appears on MSNBC and takes on the media for focusing on semantics instead of the real issues and Rush Limbaugh for not being a better conservative. Paul even indirectly challenges Limbaugh to a debate. It is likely that Limbaugh will have something to say about this on his radio show tomorrow. Then again doing so may give Ron Paul more media than Rush wants him to have, so we’ll see.

"Washington Watch" with Congressman Walter Jones

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