Monday, March 30, 2009

Florida Gov’t Cancels Tea Party Fearing ‘Too Many Attendees’

Want to protest your government by going to a Tea Party event? DENIED!

Posted by Warner Todd Huston
Sunday, March 29th at 4:38AM EDT

Remember this report from our nation’s history?

CNN (Continental News Network) Boston, 1773: The city of Boston canceled a proposed protest over tea taxes today, citing the fear that too many people dressed as Indians would be gathered near the wharves. Organizers expressed sadness over the cancellation, but meekly returned to their homes fearful of upsetting the officers of the Crown. Taxmen breathed a sigh of relief as the tar and feathers were put away not to be used this day.

You don’t remember that pre-revolutionary history? I should say you shouldn’t, because it didn’t happen. But flash forward a few hundred years and you’ll find it is happening today in Cape Coral, Florida where city officials canceled a tax day tea party gathering because they “feel too many people could show-up.”

That’s right, folks, the God-given, long-held American right to assemble and protest the actions of our government has been canceled due to too much popularity of the protest. FULL STORY.

Michigan Tea Party Locations

Operation Stop Thief
April 15, 2009
Any Michigan Post Office

Truth Troopers, joined by patriots from every corner of the Freedom Movement, gathered at 734 post offices across the country in 2008 for OST I. They held up signs saying "What Income Tax?" and handed out flyers letting the last minute (paying) tax return filers know that there is a genuine issue over whether the IRS is telling America the truth about what the Internal Revenue Code requires of them

April 11 Protest Schedule @

Detroit, MI USA City County Building
1 Woodward Ave 313-215-9401

Holland, MI USA United States
645 Wilshire Ct. 6163358076

Marquette , MI USA UP Post Office 12 Noon
3rd & Washington St

April 15 Schedule

Grand Rapids 5:30 pm
Ah-Nab-Awen Park
303 Pearl St. NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Lansing High Noon
State Capitol Lansing

Port Huron
Wednesday, April 15, 2009
4:00 - 6:00 pm
Pine Grove Ave. and Garfield St.

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WCTaxpayers said...

It would not stop me. I don't think it would stop you. We'll see about the people in Florida.

Rose Bogaert, Chair
Wayne County Taxpayers Association