Thursday, May 7, 2009

Barney Frank Admits that laws that apply to the general public should also apply to the people in Government.

Barney Frank on Lou Dobbs 5 6 09

What would the result be if the laws really were applied EQUALY on government as they are on us?

We would see more politicians, attorneys, IRS agents, and judges in prison.

Barney Frank thinks that marijuana should be legal. This would relive the cost of incarceration in every state. It would also relive the case load for America's Broken Misdemeanor Courts.

Think about it. We wouldn't need as many parole officers, court appointed attorney's or the cost of drug courts. We wouldn't have to fund social rehab programs, or bare the burden of the cost of housing in jail.

Farmers would be able to grow Hemp which is a very easy cash crop with a multitude of uses.

This sounds like a win win proposal from our good friend Barney Frank.

If you agree, you can help Barney get this passed by handing out the "Who Owns Your Body?" flier.

Become an educated juror and learn the power of Jury to Nullify.

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