Friday, May 22, 2009

The Next Giant Shoe In This Debt Crisis is FALLING NOW!

This is the News Alert that I just received from Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.

Just as we warned, Treasury bond prices are collapsing.

Massive government borrowing and money printing have global investors stampeding for the exits: The U.S. dollar is plunging ... yields are surging ... gold and silver are on a rampage.

BEWARE: Historic stock market bloodletting just ahead — contrarian investments set to soar. Here’s what to do immediately to protect yourself and profit:

This is it, ROSE!

We told you this day would come; and it is dawning NOW:

Yesterday, the price of long-term Treasury bonds collapsed and they’re continuing to fall this morning. Overall, they’re down more in the last five months than at any time in decades.

Two months ago, in the April issue of our Safe Money Report, we warned about this. We told readers the next giant shoe to drop would be a fiasco in the Treasury bond market. Now it’s happening!

By absorbing trillions of dollars of toxic assets, we explained, “Washington has transformed itself into a toxic government. So it should come as no surprise that the government’s most volatile securities — bonds — will be the next victim of the market’s revenge.” We concluded:

“Now, brace yourself for the next shoe to drop in this massive debt crisis: Government bonds!”

We’ve sent you this message over and over again in all our publications. MONEY AND MARKETS

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nospams said...

Ahh good 'ole Martin Weiss, still selling the same old sensationalist nonsense. I remember years ago a friend subscribed to his ridiculous newsletter, every month it was one sensational headline after the other, this went on for years, I got sick of hearing about it. He used to be on the deflation bandwagon. No he's on the inflation bandwagon. What do you want to bet in another year or two he'll be back on the deflation bandwagon again?